DiceOmancer Makes Waves at Tokyo Game Show 2023 with Playable Demo and Steam Wishlist Launch

Yo, gamers! DiceOmancer has finally rolled its way into Tokyo Game Show 2023. This roguelike card game, courtesy of Ultra Piggy Studio and Gamera Games, has gotten some real attention, making its formal debut in the Gamera Games Now special program. The game’s fresh announcement trailer is out, along with a Steam store page ready to take your wishlist adds.

From Game Jam Stardom to Mainstream Spotlight

DiceOmancer ain’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill card game. It’s got some street cred. Previously named “Dice Is The Way,” this title was a high roller in the GMTK Game Jam 2022, landing a spot in the top 20 out of over 6,000 entries. The game centers around the Fishing Master, who ends up in the thick of battle while just trying to snag some fish. Questing for a return to chill times, players find themselves in a world fusing swords, magic, and firearms.

Deck Building Meets Dice Magic

The game mechanics are where DiceOmancer truly stands out. Players can unlock cards with five distinct attributes and pick any three for the initial deck. But hold up, it’s the dice mechanic that spices things up. Using dice, you can manipulate enemy stats, your own HP, and even card effects. No cap—the power of the dice is legit limitless. Combine it with your card deck, and get ready for some mind-blowing, strategic battles.

Hand-Drawn Art Adds Flavor to Every Frame

Don’t sleep on the game’s art style. DiceOmancer boasts entirely hand-drawn battle animations, adding authenticity and color to every action. Whether you’re up against a menacing roadside goose, soaring eagles, or mysterious robed figures, each encounter is a feast for the eyes, handcrafted frame by frame.

Ain’t no doubt DiceOmancer has got the gaming community buzzin’. With its Tokyo Game Show debut and Steam wishlist launch, it’s setting itself up to be a game you don’t wanna miss. Keep an eye out for its official release and get ready to roll the dice!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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