Digital Matters Publishing Sets Out to Give Indie Studios the AAA Treatment

New publisher, created by established games industry marketing talent, is offering indie game publishing with triple-A values.

Digital Matters Publishing (DMP) has been founded by UK gaming stalwarts, Spencer Crossley (SCEE, Warner Bros., Hasbro) and Mark Reed (Heaven Media), to bring a new dimension to digital publishing. Combining best-in-class brand management with a global resource of marketing experts, DMP can deliver the kind of resources usually reserved for AAA titles to exciting new projects from ambitious, younger studios.

Digital Matters was founded on a simple belief: today’s indie games have a marketing problem. With competition fiercer, and discovery more challenging than ever before, making a great game is no longer enough, and the importance of marketing in helping a game reach its commercial potential cannot be overstated.

Led by CEO Spencer Crossley, an industry veteran who has helped build some of the most successful franchises and startups in games and supported by over 100 staff located in multiple offices around the world, Digital Matters’ mission is clear — to put marketing front and center. This means treating indie developers like superstars and their games like global franchises and helping great game experiences find their audience more effectively than ever before.

DMP brings together these decades of publishing experience with one of the biggest international gaming marketing agencies, Heaven Media. Working alongside their global network of commercial, hardware, and peripheral partners, DMP can fully realize the launch and long-term potential of new titles.

Through leveraging partnerships, producing content, integrating into events, activating influencers, networking social media, as well as accessing our large and dedicated PR team, Digital Matters can provide resources and knowledge that most smaller developers simply can’t access, along with commercial expertise and assistance.

Spencer Crossley commented: ‘We’re giving developers access to enormous resources and expertise and more importantly, we’re treating them like the superstars they will become. Through funding for development, marketing expertise, and a wealth of publishing experience, we have the facilities to create success stories, and to get the best out of games and developers.’

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