Distributed Secondary Content trading platform on the Blockchain

Tokyo, Japan – ASOBIMO,Inc. announces their secured digital data contents protection and secondary distribution platform the “ASOBI STORE”. They have released the ASOBI COIN ICO whitepaper. “ASOBI COIN” utility token is to be used on the “ASOBI STORE” platform.


“ASOBI STORE” is a platform (International patent pending PCT/JP2018/16657) that has data contents protection with secondary distribution (secondhand distribution) by using blockchain technology. You can purchase various digital data contents (game items, software, e-books, music, videos, electronic tickets etc.) and sell your digital data contents that you no longer need to another user.

Issues such as ignoring copyrights and pirated sites will be resolved with “Distributed Security System (DSS)” which clarifies the ownership of digital data contents using blockchain technology. Furthermore, we will mount “returning profit to the publisher” which is a big issue at the secondary distribution (second – hand distribution) market.

Contents at the “ASOBI STORE” can be traded using the ICO token “ASOBI COIN”. Details of “ASOBI COIN” can be confirmed in the white paper on the official website.

ASOBI COIN White paper

In addition to the details of the ASOBI COIN project, the white paper explains token utilization value, technology information, roadmap etc. Also, they are accepting newsletter registration on their official website for update information.

Concept of ASOBI COIN ICO Project

The Problem

Why is it not possible for publisher and content creators to profit from the sell of digital items (used) content on the secondary market?

Asobimo is developing a platform on the blockchain to make digitals content secondary usage possible, in the same way as it is for the actual products. They believe that data content will be the best for the secondary distribution if it can be exchanged at minimal cost and frictionless.

The Solutions

ASOBI STORE will provide a distributed secondary data content platform with “Decentralized Security System” (DSS). This system is based on the blockchain technology and helps to clarify who has the ownership of the content.

ASOBI STORE Overall view

Asobi 1

Selling in-game items
Gamers can trade in Digital game items such as “rare weapon” for  “ASOBI COIN” . on the “ASOBI STORE” platform. You may also buy or trade for different item for the game that you are currently playing with your “ASOBI COIN”.  The gamers can also trade/swap/buy digital game items (e.g  rare weapons, magic  or power) from one Game title to an another.

Selling read digital Manga (comic book)
Digital manga purchased at “ASOBI MARKET”, can be trade in for “ASOBI COIN” (cryptocurrency). You can also use ASOBI OCIN to buy the next title or any digital content available on  “ASOBI MARKET”.
Firstly, they plan to open a secondary distribution exchange market for in-game item, using their over 10 years of experience on developing and managing online games. In games that correspond to “distributed security system (DSS)” using blockchain, users can sell their used game items and another user can purchase them.

In addition, participating developers use DSS to prevent illegal duplication of game items and damages caused by RMT. The profit will be returned to publisher according to secondary distribution amount at “ASOBI STORE”.

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