Dive into Dystopia with Violations Will Be Punished: A Turn-Based Strategy Game Now on STEAM

Indie game developer and publisher Igor Galochkin have proudly announced the global release of his debut game, Violations Will Be Punished, a turn-based strategy game featuring a philosophical storyline set in a dystopian 23rd-century Solar System. The game is now available on STEAM and compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux systems.

Violations Will Be Punished invites players to enter a dystopian mega corporation where they search for meaning and ultimately uncover their true destiny: ruling the world from the shadows. The game takes a humorous approach, poking fun at authoritarian systems, consumerism, and mediocrity. As an employee of the ruthless Space Mining Inc., players must comply or face the consequences, which include being gassed by cyanide and re-synthesized with a reduced IQ. The game challenges players to consider defecting to other factions and using their wits to rise to the top.

The game cleverly combines the old-school real-time strategy formula with turn-based combat, requiring players to gather minerals and produce new units while engaging in dynamic turn-based battles. Violations Will Be Punished offers a vast array of content, including six factions, eight challenging campaigns, and over 100 missions to complete. The game provides dozens of hours of exciting gameplay, catering to turn-based strategy (TBS) veterans, real-time strategy (RTS) players, and casual gamers new to the genre by offering adjustable difficulty levels.

Players can also flex their creativity by designing their missions, units, and factions using the game’s intuitive built-in editors. Furthermore, the game supports a skirmish mode with hotseat multiplayer, along with an array of customizable options to tailor the gameplay experience to each player’s preferences.

Key features of Violations Will Be Punished include classic turn-based strategy elements, unit production, and mineral collection, over 100 challenging missions, eight campaigns and six factions, bases to besiege, a skirmish mode, and extensive customization options.

Violations Will Be Punished offers a captivating turn-based strategy experience set in a dystopian universe, now available for players worldwide on STEAM.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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