Don Your Banana Suit and Take on the Zombie Apocalypse in Pixel-style Adventure Deadly Days — Available Now on Windows PC

Today, Pixelsplit Games and Assemble Entertainment are thrilled to announce that the rogue-lite survival game Deadly Days is now available worldwide on Windows PC for $11.99 USD! Featuring all-new weapons, survivors, specialty items, and more, Deadly Days offers players the opportunity to experience the zombie apocalypse in a way only a flamethrower-wielding, banana suit-wearing lunatic can! You’ll need to think quickly and find the best ways to make the most of more than 60 different items scattered throughout the world while loading up on some truly random weapons as you fend off the zombies and protect your pack of equally looney people. 

Following a very successful Early Access phase, Deadly Days enters the fray as a one-of-a-kind zombie survival game that focuses on intense strategic elements, as well as the undeniable humor behind what a zombie apocalypse would look like in our modern meme-oriented society.

Deadly Days

To celebrate the launch, Assemble Entertainment has released an all-new trailer depicting just how truly unique Deadly Days is. Warning: shenanigans will ensue!

Watch the Deadly Days launch trailer here:

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