DOOM Eternal Inspired FPS Souldead Gameplay Preview, Demo Now Live

Play the Souldead demo, a first-person shooter inspired by titles such as DOOM Eternal and Quake. A game made by one person, a former member of a metal band!

Souldead is a game produced by the Polish studio Heathen Software, which instead of combining different game genres, tries to be one and do it well. The founder, creator, and only developer who is responsible for the whole thing is Tomasz Salacinski, a former member of a metal band who decided to pour his love for FPSs like Doom, Quake, Hexen/Heretic into code and, using the Unreal Engine, make a game he himself would love to play.

Soudead is a fast-paced FPS action game with the main focus on speed, dynamism, and a few unique mechanics. Great graphics make the game unique.

The creator’s goal was to achieve a physical effect – a physical pain in the eyes that each of the players will feel when smashing hundreds of monsters jumping out of every nook and cranny!

It is worth mentioning that difficulty levels in the game are quite diverse. We can choose the levels from “I’m a baby” to “I’m a monster”.

In Souldead, you are given access to an exclusive arsenal of weapons. With black magic, you can take advantage of skills such as double jump or dash. In addition, the arsenal includes a magical shotgun, the ammunition of which is made of sucked mana.

The game begins in a dark fantasy world that is devoured by demons. Our journey will pass through different regions, including Fantasy World in the demo or Victorian England and more levels in the full game.

Souldead participates in the NEXT FEST on Steam from October 3rd to 10th. You can play the free demo from today until October 10th!

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