Double Kick Heroes Original Game Soundtrack Now Available

Materia Collective is excited to release Double Kick Heroes, Vol. 1 (Original Game Soundtrack) composed by Frédéric “Elmobo” Motte. This soundtrack is bad to the bone with its heavy metal guitar work that ranges from contemplative and moody to upbeat and spunky, mixing in retro chiptune sounds throughout. It makes for a perfect accompaniment to the frantic rhythm game that has players beating their keyboards like drums to keep zombies at bay. Double Kick Heroes, Vol. 1 (Original Game Soundtrack) is available now.

“Double Kick Heroes is the game I’ve been dreaming to score all my life,” explains composer Frédéric “Elmobo” Motte. “I was born a metalhead, and this game is giving me the chance to pay tribute to the music that fuels my life. I’m trying to cover as many metal genres as possible. Heavy, black, death, industrial, stoner, thrash… and I took the opportunity to invite some the incredible musicians I’ve worked with at Conkrete Studio to sing and play on some of my tracks. When listening, you’ll inevitably notice references to Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Meshuggah, Faith No More and even Babymetal!”

Double Kick Heroes is an explosive metal rhythm game in which players shoot zombies by beating the keyboard in a post-apocalyptic pixelarted world. It was initially created for the Ludum Dare #34 game jam, and got the Gold Medal for Audio and ranked tenth for graphics. After getting incredible feedback from players from all over the world, the crüe decided to deliver a longer, bigger and better version of the game. Double Kick Heroes is currently available in Early Access on Steam.

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