Dragon Ball Fighter Z Review

The Hype is real! Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a must purchase for 2018! Dragon Ball Fan or not anyone could enjoy this game with friends. A few balance tweaks will make this game off the hook! We look forward to a ton of Kamehameha’s and epic eSports battles this year!
  • Best graphics of any Dragon Ball title
  • Smooth gameplay
  • 24 Characters at launch
  • MMO customization elements
  • eSports potential
  • Minor balance issues
  • Story line objectives repetitive
  • Andriod 21 Grind
  • Lobby a bit confusing at first
  • Not cross platform
Graphics - 10
Gameplay - 9
Replayability - 9
Sound - 9
Controls - 8

Hey Dragon Ball Fans! So, what do you think so far? Let’s dive into the first thing we all see the online Lobby’s, I must admit it took a minute to figure out where everything was, but the design really is amazing once you figure it out. I mean who does not love the customization? It’s easy to pick a fight with any random person walking around talk smack and get wrecked. This brings the one element of Xenoverse we like into DB Fighter Z checking player profiles, adding friends, an MMO feel which really rounds the game out.

Pay the extra money or grind out Android 21? No spoilers in this review the anime part of the story mode is phenomenal! The only reason why this game will not get a 10/10 is due to the tedious grinding in between all the cinematic’s in the story mode. Android 21 was hot on our list we really thought it was essential to play her before writing the review. At times is just felt like the fights were endless and pointless I found myself spamming light KI blast just to get through them quickly. The actual story line content made me itch for more it was solid enough to keep my focus on the rough grind and in the end Android 21 was “worth”!

2 words for the description of the graphics “World Breaking” finish your enemy with a super KI blast and watch the most amazing animation ever, it never gets old! The game is so good looking I literally wish I could watch the DB Super series in this crisp 4k environment. We played on a 1080ti i7 PC rig with an ultrawide 4k monitor bringing the max settings to life. Response time and fluidity of the game was “Lit”! We played for almost 30 hours from release to the end of the weekend.

At first a little weary about the one button combos but after learning about the many counters it began to make more sense. Skill cap from the button mashers to the players who can execute the counters at a high level is pretty big. Blocking is clean but with so many angles to attack we relied more on the counters and offensive combos. Lets just all be realistic its going to be a few patches before we really start to see the balance come to life, but this is the case with all fighting games at release. We look forward to the progression and updates for this title 2018 is going to be a great year for #FGC!

eSports-ability? We have already seen some small tournaments go down which were impressive the layered element of strategy was intriguing. You can literally counter pick your opponent in a live game by swapping characters. You pick compositions of 3 fighters which in a tournament can create crazy mind games if the developers manage to not have one overpowering comp limiting fighter selection. Tournament fighter selection would be epic doing a live MOBA type draft. Possibilities are endless we are hoping to see this title at EVO this year!

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