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The DRAGON BALL franchise has brought to life some of the most over-the-top characters and pitted them against each other in the biggest battles ever seen in manga, anime, and video games. Today, BAND...

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Master Roshi Officially Joins the DRAGON BALL FighterZ Brawl on September 18th!

Master Roshi fans rejoice! One of Dragon Ball’s most beloved and naughty characters will officially join the fight in DRAGON BALL FighterZ on September 18, 2020. Having trained the likes of Goku, Goha...

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The countdown has begun on Ultra Instinct Goku’s arrival in DRAGON BALL: FighterZ this Friday, May 22nd, on the PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PCs via STEAM®. As the latest form in Goku’...

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Ultra Instinct Goku Officially Joins the Fight in DRAGON BALL: FighterZ on May 22, 2020

Goku’s powers have constantly evolved throughout the entire DRAGON BALL saga. From Super Saiyan through Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and now to Ultra Instinct, Goku’s ability to increase his powers a...

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Kefla Joins the DRAGON BALL FighterZ Character Roster

Exuding supreme confidence and power, Kefla is definitely someone you don’t want to mess with unless you’ve got the strength and skill to deal some heavy attacks her way. Born from the fusion of Cauli...

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 Confirmed — UI Goku and Kefla Coming Soon

If you are a long-time fan of Dragon Ball Z games, then you most likely have Dragon Ball FighterZ. The game has been out for a little over two years, and the love for this fighting game hasn’t d...

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DRAGON BALL FighterZ’s Season Pass 3 Poised to Hit Hard!

Coming out of the DRAGON BALL FighterZ World Tour Finals which took place in Paris, France over the weekend, information about DRAGON BALL FighterZ’s next season pass package (Season Pass #3) was shar...

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Ultra Instinct Goku Enters the World of DRAGON BALL FighterZ

The newest Goku form to be added to DRAGON BALL FighterZ comes to us from the DRAGON BALL SUPER series and is sure to blow players’ minds. We’re excited to officially confirm that Ultra Instinct Goku ...

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Who’s the Biggest & Baddest Saiyan in DRAGON BALL FighterZ? Broly (DBS) May Have Some Thoughts on That!

Of the three Saiyans who were born around the same time, Goku and Vegeta definitely get the lion-share of attention and notoriety. Well that’s about to change as Broly (DBS) has some ideas on who is t...

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