Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: 6 v 1 Expert Modes

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It’s nearly time for the launch of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and we recently had the chance to try out the new 6 v 1 Expert Mode! We first asked Xenoverse 2 Producer Hirano Masayuki about this exciting new feature at Gamescom 2016 – check out the full interview here.

The 6 v 1 Expert Missions is just one of the new additions featured in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to make you feel like a true Super Saiyan. However BE WARNED, as these missions are extremely tough.

The mission Depths of Despair sees you and 5 other warriors face off against Vegeta in his Giant Ape form. He was nasty before and isn’t any nicer now: throwing large chunks of the arena at you and your friends. Vegeta also has some outrageously strong combo attacks, along with his iconic Laser Mouth attack.

Great Ape Vegeta even throws a huge KI blast which will do massive damage to your entire team if it hits the arena floor. Work together to fire your own energy attacks to rebound his blast back –  dealing damage and leaving him unprotected for a follow-up counter-offensive!

On top of all that Vegeta can make one of your allies turn against the team. There’s nothing quite like smacking some sense into your companion but that will be necessary to stop your friends from being brainwashed. When you’re the one being brainwashed, you face against yourself in the depths of your mind. So be prepared!

These missions are challenging but are made easier with help from your allies. If you get KO’d in the arena, your companions will often come to your aid and heal you. The fight is over when the Last Saiyan falls…or until the 10-minute timer is up. We told you these missions are tough.

Check out the gameplay video below! Remember to tell us your thoughts by Tweeting us at@BandaiNamcoUK!


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