Dread Delusion Ascends from Early Access: A Retro RPG Revolution

Dive into a shattered world of adventure and choices as "Dread Delusion" launches its full release on Steam this May

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Open World RPG Dread Delusion Brings Nostalgia and New Adventures to Steam This May

Prepare to embark on a journey that combines the charm of retro aesthetics with the thrill of modern gameplay as Dread Delusion prepares to launch its full version on Steam this May 14, 2024. Developed by the imaginative minds at Lovely Hellplace and brought to the gaming world by independent publisher DreadXP, this open world RPG is set to captivate fans of the genre with its rich narrative and expansive world.

A Broken World Full of Promise and Peril

Dread Delusion presents a unique setting where the world is literally broken—its lands shattered and scattered across the sky. Humanity survives on flying continents, amidst landscapes teeming with undead curses and fantastical mysteries. From mushroom forests to undead mausoleums, players will explore these surreal environments, each filled with its own dark charm.

The game challenges players with a pivotal question: will you restore harmony to this fractured realm, or will you seek to exploit its chaos for personal gain? With multiple endings shaped by your choices, Dread Delusion offers a flexible gameplay style that pays homage to classic RPGs of the early 2000s, allowing players to truly carve their own path through its narrative.

Gameplay That Respects Your Style

Whether you prefer to outwit opponents with charm and knowledge or confront challenges with sword and sorcery, Dread Delusion accommodates varied play styles. The game features extensive character customization options, allowing you to build a protagonist that aligns with your preferred approach to obstacles, be it through combat, diplomacy, or cunning.

Enhance your journey with skills like Smithing and Alchemy to upgrade your gear—from turning a rusty blade into a master-crafted clockwork sword, to concocting potent potions that alter the very fabric of reality. The game’s commitment to providing alternatives to combat, like charming NPCs or picking locks, ensures that every type of gamer can find their niche within its world.

What’s New in the Full Release?

Since its debut in Early Access in June 2022, Dread Delusion has undergone significant enhancements, thanks to ongoing updates from Lovely Hellplace. The upcoming 1.0 release introduces the Underlands—a new realm to explore, along with fresh towns, dungeons, quests, endgame content, and a host of cursed enemies. Players can also look forward to immersing themselves in extensive dialogue and lore, enriching their experience within the game’s universe.

Join the Celebration at LudoNarraCon

Mark your calendars: Dread Delusion launches at a price of $19.99 USD, with regional pricing available. To celebrate the full release, the game will feature a 20% discount from May 9th to the 16th as part of this year’s LudoNarraCon on Steam, a festival dedicated to narrative-rich games.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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