DreadXP Reveal Dread X Collection 5 for PC

RSVP to the Most Chilling Party of the Year — Dread X Collection 5 Haunts Steam in April

Are you ready for some delightfully fiendish news? Today, independent horror publisher and production company DreadXP announced the independent developers behind Dread X Collection 5, the latest entry in their popular anthology horror game series.

Dread X Collection 5 features 12 games created by 12 masters of horror, all themed around the concept of “entertainment.” The collection is set to launch in April and features developers behind such indie hits as 0°N 0°W, Lakeview Cabin, Sylvio, and The Mortuary Assistant.

DreadXP — an independent horror publisher and production company — is dreadfully excited to announce today the twelve masters of horror that contributed a unique experience to Dread X Collection 5, the newest installment in DreadXP’s anthology horror video game series. Releasing on Steam in April 2022, Dread X Collection 5 brings forth twelve delightfully twisted short-form nightmares from the creators of such indie hits as 0°N 0°W, Lakeview Cabin, Sylvio, and The Mortuary Assistant.

DreadXP invites players to a delightfully devilish party that is literally to die for! This time around, the terrifying theme for Dread X Collection 5 is “entertainment”. Dark festivals, abandoned daycares, creepy theaters, video games at home — nowhere and nothing is safe! Dread X Collection 5 also further expands the meta-narrative that ties the Dread X Collection games together.

Dread X Collection 5 features the following twelve games from new and returning independent developers to the anthology series:

  • Outpost 3000 by Christopher Yabsley (Pigsaw): A birthday bash at Outpost 3000 is every small-town kid’s dream.
  • Karao by Stroboskop (Sylvio): A late night of karaoke. A wrong turn. Singing? Where did the train station come from, and where does it go?
  • Rotten Sigma by VisceralError (The Gallagher Case): 12 children disappeared at the Gallagher Sports Center in 2006. Neal, a retired policeman, finds the courage to investigate.
  • Spirit Guardian by Nikk F. (SCP: Nukalypse): A daycare haunted by something sinister. Cries for help echo from its empty halls.
  • We Never Left by Conner Rush of FYRE Games (Summerland): On a dark and stormy night in 1983, the phone rings. “FINISH THE GAME”.
  • HUNSVOTTI by Roope Tamminen (Lakeview Cabin): Finland 1888. The locals are celebrating Juhannus, a nightless night in midsummer said to hold magical power. A ritual must be completed.
  • Gallerie by Shackles (Totem): The paint whispers in an infamous art gallery where mysterious disappearances have occurred.
  • The Book of Blood by Darkstone Digital (The Mortuary Assistant): The night signals closing time at Pomeroy Grasslands carnival and its employee Trevor volunteers to lock up. Alone in his booth, with a strange book in Lost and Found, a man steps out of the darkness and hands Trevor a note: “let me in.”
  • Vestige by Philip Hesselbäck (Axis Mundi – included in Dread X Collection: The Hunt): An old videogame from childhood. A familiar place. A dark memory breaks through.
  • Resver by colorfiction (0°N 0°W, Ode to a Moon): It’s the twentieth anniversary of the tragic fire that claimed dozens of lives at the legendary Resver nightclub in 1992. An invitation arrives. It’s time for a night to remember at the resurrected Resver.
  • Ludomalica by iwilliams (Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2021): It’s past midnight and mom and dad are gone for the weekend. There’s no better time than now to try playing Ludomalica. It’s just a board game, right? But something feels … wrong.
  • Villiform by Matt Reeves (Two Lines, Family is Nothing): A young child falls asleep during a puppet show and awakes alone in an old, musty theater. Finding all the doors to be bricked over, the child must face the darkness that lies beyond the curtains.
  • INTERIM by Phantom Sloth Games (The Bends): Alfred moved to Hollywood with nothing more than a few dollars in his pocket and a dream in his heart. A dream to be front and center as the leading man in a major motion picture. All eyes would be on him, in the INTERIM.
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