Dream Harvest Reveals First Gameplay Preview for Choice-Driven Cyberpunk Title NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy

NeuroNet has for the first time released gameplay footage of one of its many unique story arcs. With no playthrough, the same, and its paths entirely dependent on the decisions you take, this gameplay footage showcases just one of its many branching storylines that players, depending on their choices, might never encounter.

Coming to all platforms in the new year, and inspired by the likes of Your Grace, Reigns, and Astrologaster, NeuroNet is designed to challenge players into making challenging moral decisions that impact directly on the story.

Unique adventure, NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy, has for the first time released 10 minutes of exclusive gameplay. Part Your Grace, part Reigns, part Astrologaster, the original mix of genres, combined with gorgeous art, decision making, and story-driven gameplay, place the game in a unique position to challenge the morality of players.

Set to launch on Steam, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS in the New Year, you control an AI charged with managing a cyberpunk called Catena. Players will need to make quick-fire decisions that impact the future and the prosperity of its citizens, with every choice and decision they take having a lasting effect on those they meet and the city’s status.

The ten-minute trailer showcases just a slice of NeuroNet’s choice-driven gameplay; content players may not even encounter if their previous decisions haven’t pushed the narrative in this unique direction.

In the footage, the AI is working with a new branch of the CPA (Corporate Police Agency), headed up by Thompson, a lead Detective. Together they’re on the hunt for a human trafficker: Mueller. Previously skeptical of the AI’s value, actions and decisions taken up to this point have proven to be a valuable resource in piecing together Thompson’s cold cases. The CPA until recently didn’t have enough evidence to bring him in, until now.

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