Driftland: The Magic Revival with the Best PC Game award at Barcelona Games World!

This weekend the upcoming strategy game from Star Drifters studio will be available to play during the show in the capital of Catalonia, from November 29th to December 2nd.

Every year Barcelona Games World along with GameBCN look for original, innovative games, which are setting the directions for the development of the video games industry. We are very pleased to announce that the 14-person jury awarded Driftland: The Magic Revival with the Best PC Game title.

This is another award for the Star Drifters studio’s game. Earlier, Driftland received the Best Indie Game award from Poznan Game Arena and Retro Roots award from Pixel Heaven.

Apart from the award, Driftland: The Magic Revival will also be presented at Barcelona Games World – one of the biggest European events (135,000 attendees last year). At the Star Drifters’ booth all visitors will be able to experience the game after latest updates, which added diplomacy and Spanish language. Everyone is invited to come to our stand no. 443 in Hall P2!

More about Driftland: The Magic Revival:

A long war between the mightiest of ancient mages led to a gigantic cataclysm, shattering the entire planet into scattered pieces. Facing the destruction of their entire civilizations, warring parties decided to call a truce and tried to repair the damage caused. It was, however, already too late. Using all the remaining magic resources they had, mages cast a powerful spell and managed to keep their world, Driftland, in a relative balance. Many dark ages have passed, but when all seemed lost, a light of hope sparked once again: new sources of magic appeared and the whole planet began to give birth to new spellcasters.

You become the most powerful among them – Mage Overlord with great power and great purpose. What fate will you bring to the planet – new devastating conflict or revival?

Free will of your subjects, tamable wild creatures (or Dwarven aerial machines) and rich lore (with four new languages created for the project) are only the tip of the iceberg – the game allows you to move floating islands created by the cataclysm, terraform, create or destroy them. You can reshape the world around you, gaining strategic advantage over enemies and securing your inevitable victory!



  • Move and terraform floating islands with magic
  • Procedurally generated world
  • Resources- and magic-based economy
  • Tame dragons or build Dwarven aerial machines
  • Set goals instead of controlling Units directly
  • Explore and fight on the same map
  • 4 intertwining Campaigns and Multiplayer (soon)
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4

Driftland 2


  • Setting goals instead of micromanagement

Become a powerful mage and rule the planet. Develop a great Empire and set objectives for your loyal army.

  • Original game environment

An ancient spell keeps the shattered planet from drifting into the void of unknown space.

  • Dynamic topography

Take on the role of a powerful mage capable of moving and reshaping parts of the planet (expand your kingdom by connecting islands).

  • High accessibility and replayability

Easy to learn, hard to master. Transparent and consistent rules of the game, scalable complexity and difficulty of the maps.

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