Duelyst Source Code Has Now Become Open Source

At the start of 2020, with heavy hearts, they shared with their fans and friends that it was time to say goodbye to Duelyst. That is why today, two years later, Counterplay Games are so excited to officially release Duelyst’s Source Code!

The truth is, to this day they still look back fondly at what our little game achieved, and reminisce with our community on Reddit and Discord. We are even following some Duelyst inspired games and projects! Through it all, one thought strongly resonated within our minds — people are still talking about Duelyst.

There have been some major changes in our industry: new technologies and consoles, and even massive consolidations that have occurred over the past couple of years. While only time will tell how these changes will alter the landscape, these shifts can potentially hit indie developers the hardest. That’s why Counterplay Games wants to recognize that these developers, be they sole individuals or small teams, are vital for the growth and diversity of our industry.

One way to support aspiring developers is to release source code from older games so that anyone can use it to build their own dream projects and games. The disappointing fact is that this is a rather rare occurrence, as many developers don’t have the opportunity to release their code.

This is the perfect gift for those looking to forge their own turn-based strategies, decorate their own game with pixel art, or even just rekindle some of that Duelyst magic. Counterplay Games is excited to see what new life their work on Duelyst will take on in your hands and wish to share in your adventures! There are already early projects taking form. First, They would like to specifically thank Will for his contributions directly to the repo as we worked to stand it up to share with the community. If you want to keep up-to-date or get involved with his efforts, check out his OpenDuelyst Discord server! They also would like to give a shoutout to Dream Sloth Games for their efforts in launching Duelyst II. These are just some of the early examples of what they think is possible with Duelyst’s source code being out in the open.

There are no strings attached. All the source code and game assets are for you to use and for the community to leverage how they like. There’s no approval or permission from Counterplay Games, and you can grow, sustain, and monetize it however you would like. Enjoy and have fun!

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