E3 and Weebors game hype

So this week is E3, and with a lot of games being revealed or shown off, what is it that I am personally hyped to see and get my hands on?
With everything being revealed it would be hard for some to pick out their favourites,* or what they are most hyped about, but for me I think I can at least put together a top list of what I am hyped about

First and foremost,* for those that were not fortunate enough to play on an original Playstation when released, you are in luck as they are now doing a remake for Resident Evil 2. This remake looks promising, to say the least, with improved visuals including a more chaotic looking R.P.D building surrounded by more mess and blood to give an atmosphere of the enormity of what is going on. I am looking forward to more durable zombies, where the usual single head shot is not enough to take down every zombie and even a shotgun blast to the head could end up with a zombie still standing.



With the puzzles and detective work still being part of the gameplay, those who played the original will recognise some of these aspects and will be glad to see a few new ones in place. There is potential for a number of easter eggs, and hopefully more in the way of digging into the Nemesis program further, while keeping the intense extended zombie battles for survival.

With news of Metro Exodus getting that much closer to release, my excitement grew further more. Those who know me will recognize my love for this game series through my incorporation of the Metro currency, military bullets, in my own streams as the currency for viewers to use.



The new concept for the game will be more focused on the above ground environment and dealing with a cult. The promising look of a yet another great story, with the threat of not only new monsters, but fellow survivors since not everyone will trust you, combined with the ability to create new and old allies ensures this is definitely a game I will be looking forward to playing Moving on to Dying Light 2. The first iteration still holding popularity, the news of the release, and the story being written by those that wrote Witcher 3, I can see this will be as great a zombie bashing game as the original. The sequel will feature the opportunity to shape the world around you based on the decisions you make and their consequences, while maintaining the weapon crafting system from the first, though with possible improvements.

Dying Light

The question is, though, once aligned to one faction initially, can that be changed mid game? What would happen if you attack the faction you aligned to, if it’s at all possible, or once reaching a certain point would you be restricted from harming those you are allied with?

In light of my choices for this article, what ones would you pick and why? I could of gone on for ages adding game after game with varying levels of reasons for choice, some of which would be due to enjoying previous iterations or stages, as not all reveals were for complete games, instead only announcements of DLC’s. For me, these games were the best ones to talk about as it involves one of my favourite character types, zombies and mutants. I mean, what could be better than fighting off hordes of zombies or being chased by the biggest and baddest mutant you have ever seen due to a gun running dry on ammunition?!

This my E3 hype, what is yours?

I am Weebor, this is my article, enjoy!

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Played and enjoyed games for around 20 years, have a passion for the survival genre but also enjoy most others, social gaming is what I enjoy most nothing better than laughing and joking because your buddy just ran and jumped off a cliff and thought they would make it. With 2 sons 1 of which is mad on the same games I am having fun runs in the family you could say.

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