E3: IndieCade Showcase Presents

IndieCade, dubbed by the Los Angeles Times as “the video game industry’s Sundance,” will feature 13 projects from up-and-coming and imaginative indie developers in a showcase at E3.


Assume the role of an avian biologist studying how well birds fly in zero gravity in Cosmonet, a branching narrative game that progresses through personality quizzes.
Developer: Sean Bouchard and Martzi Campos
Platform: PC, Android, iOS


Vandals is a stealth game pitting players against police, dogs, and cameras as they try to graffiti the walls of five big cities.

Developer: Cosmografik, published by ARTE
Platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS


Anderson is a different take on VR Escape rooms. Can you escape the mysterious room and solve the secrets behind your captivity?

Developer: AJRPGco
Platform: PC, VR

Drums of War

Drums of War is a rhythm-based game using the power of sound to command an army and fight off enemy hordes.

Developer: Invrse
Platform: PC, VR


Open Chinese puzzle boxes that unlock surreal worlds in Kaisuo, a virtual reality puzzler. Kaisuo uses the Oculus Touch to create precise interactions with complex puzzles and tools.

Developer: Team Lantern
Platform: PC, VR

Meriwether: An American Epic

Meriwether is an epic American RPG that boasts intense resource management systems, hunting and exploration. Face the dangers of 1800s America in this journey bestowed upon Meriwether Lewis by the president himself.

Developer: Sortasoft LLC
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Starbear: Taxi

Starbear is an adorable racing experience where fuzzy bear drivers race their passengers around a futuristic city. Deliver as many busy bears as possible to their destinations while avoiding troublesome hazards along the way.

Developer: Funktronic Labs
Platform: PC, VR required

Stepstone Island

Restore the beauty of nature through exercise in Stepstone Island. Help Olly the Osprey nurture the land back to health by providing health data that’s exchanged for tools, plants and landmarks.

Developers: Katie Pustolski, Steven Sugar, Michelle Olson, Sam Celeste, Tom Devereaux, Sarah Trevino
Platform: iOS

Fire Escape

Embrace voyeuristic tendencies in this rich interactive series to reveal the lives of eight disenfranchised Brooklyn tenants entangled in murder.

Developer: iNK Stories
Platform: Google Daydream, VR


Tendar is a humourous and provocative experience expanding upon the mythology of Tender Claws’ TendAR app. Follow Tendar’s AI app guide that becomes increasingly sentient as it analyzes the experience and emotions around them.

Developer: Tender Claws
Platform: Google Android + ARCore

Doors to the City


Doors to the City is an experiment in planetary platforming, skating, ubran culture and poetry. Visit the imaginative worlds of Josh as recaptures his memories to complete a single thought.

Developer: Benjamin Poynter and The Josh Craig
Platform: HoloPlayer One and Super Pepper (Alt Ctrl Game)

Ideal Meal

Ideal meal is a wacky 4-player game all about making a humongous bowl of ramen. Combine giant chopsticks and ingredients with fellow chefs to complete the biggest ramen bowl possible.

Developer: Kai Drayton-Yee, Nicholas Roush, Madeleine Smiley
Platform: Field Game

Table Tiles

Table Tile is a minimalist experience that provides a concentrated dose of game design in quick, elegant sessions.

Developer: James A. Taylor, Al Gonzalez
Platform: Tabletop

Healing Spaces


Healing Spaces is an experience dedicated to providing respite and healing by creating restorative environments for older adults living with dementia and their caregivers.

Developer: Gabrielle Gomes
Platform: VR Installation

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