E3: Nintendo Reveals Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Finally, the most anticipated and surprising announcements of E3 are done. We can quit holding our breath in anticipation for the big news we were hoping to receive. For this writer, the information for Super Smash Bros Ultimate was the most exciting. Ever since it was teased back in March, I have been on the edge of my seat for E3 to arrive to finally have some of the biggest questions answered. Let’s take a look at what we have learned.


Was I the only one elated to find out that not a single character was being removed? Masahiro Sakurai has made it apparent the big focus for this game is character inclusion. This roster is enormous, and Nintendo has made the claim that it is the “biggest cross over in gaming history”. I’m not prepared to refute that, but they have included every character ever playable since Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 64. With all of our favorites returning we’ve been warned not to expect too many additional characters, but already we are promised Inkling boy and girl, Daisy, and Ridley. It’s safe to say we will probably see more. Covering all of the characters in this humble article would be impossible, so let’s just review a few major changes.


Everyone has been improved in one way or another, even if the change is a slight touchup. All of the Star Fox character designs will be based on Star Fox Zero. Pokemon Trainer will have a female counterpart, as well as female Pikachu. We welcome back Snake, at long last, both forms of Bayonetta, and the Mii Fighters! Link will feature his Breath of the Wild Champion’s Tunic and Hero of the Wild tunic, while boasting remote detonating bombs. Zelda takes a step back to A Link Between Worlds, with all her grace, but isn’t afraid to show off that Triforce of Wisdom. The question remains, will we be able to transition between the forms of Sheik and Zelda? The last one I will mention, and the most important for this gamer, is Ganondorf’s change, which is a breath of fresh air. We take a bow to the original King of Evil from Ocarina of Time, welcome in a few moves that exhibit the great sword that was never given enough credit, and shiver in fear at Ganon, the Demon King, for his final smash.

Great new stages are being added to include Moray Towers from Splatoon and Great Plateau Tower from Breath of the Wild. Familiar stages are returning, such as Wrecking Crew, Tortimer Island, Hyrule Castle,  Kongo Jungle, and Great Bay. Every stage now comes with an omega version. We have returning assist trophies such as Metroid, Knuckle Joe, Waluigi, and Midna. Or, you might be looking forward to new assist trophies, like the Squid Sisters and Bomberman. Some of the assists take damage now, and can be KO’ed.  I usually don’t play Super Smash Bros with items, but we can look forward to more Pokemon, Healing Fields, Launch Stars from Super Mario Galaxy, and Fake Smash Balls!

A couple of bonus points that are worth mentioning: Higher damage will be taken during one-on-one matches as compared to a multiplayer match. For those of us that were obsessed with Super Smash Bros Melee will be delighted to know that the beloved GameCube controller will be compatible. The fighting itself has been improved, including increased mobility during an air dodge. The drawback to this is dodging too much slows you down tremendously. We also see a change in handling the shield, something called a Perfect Shield, which is done by releasing the shield button with exact timing to avoid damage. A big portion of the video regarding characters dealt with enhancements to their final smash moves. Final smashes will be faster and return to normal game play will be smoother. Lastly, Smash Attack by pressing A and B will be returning.

There are no words that are grand enough to express how excited I am for the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate on December 7th, 2018. One of the biggest questions that was not directly answered, which I’m sure all of us fans can agree with, will there be a story mode? I was heartbroken at the loss of story mode in Super Smash Bros Wii U, and I for one am hopeful for a fantastic revival. What did you think of Nintendo’s presentation at E3? Did you get to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate while at E3? Let us know in the comments.

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