EA and NFL Announce Bose, New Era and SNICKERS® as New Sponsors for the Madden NFL 19 Championship Series

Today, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) and the National Football League (NFL) announced Bose, New Era Cap and SNICKERS® as the official brand sponsors of the Madden NFL 19 Championship Series. All three NFL brands will integrate into Madden NFL 19 Championship Series broadcasts to increase exposure with digitally-native NFL and esports fans. Players and spectators will see Bose, New Era Cap and SNICKERS® integrations in the Madden NFL 19 Club Championship on January 30 – February 2 on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook.

Bose, New Era Cap and SNICKERS® will be authentically embedded into Madden NFL Championship Series broadcasts in a similar way to how they’re integrated into NFL telecasts, including commercials, highlight integrations, on-air product placement and additional shoulder programming. This authenticity gives long-standing NFL brands a turnkey way to elevate their traditional sports affiliation through esports exposure, helping reach new highly engaged fans.

“We are excited to become the Official Cap of EA’s Madden NFL Championship Series and have our product worn by some of the best competitors in the world,” said Austin LaBoda, Digital Media Specialist, Digital Marketing at New Era Cap. “This competitive gaming initiative draws a hyper-engaged group of fans and provides us with a new way to showcase our authenticity as the Official Sideline Cap of the NFL.”

“Similar to how Bose provides its noise cancellation technology to NFL coaches on the sidelines for improved game communication, we are bringing our expertise to esports with our QuietComfort 35 II headphones to help with player focus and competition,” said Kyle Graham, Bose Global Brand Partnerships. “Given our NFL sponsorship, this is a natural integration of our product and brand.”

“For SNICKERS®, this is a natural and authentic extension of our NFL sponsorship as Madden competitive gaming broadcasts are nearly identical to the traditional sports experience,” said Jess Donato, Senior Associate Brand Manager, SNICKERS® Brand and Sponsorships. “Fan engagement is a top priority for our brand, and this partnership gives us a direct way to reach a passionate and engaged audience that is unparalleled in the space.”

Bose is the official sound of the Madden NFL 19 Championship Series, meaning all competitors will wear the QC35 II Noise Cancellation Headphones while competing. New Era receives significant product usage placement as their new Home and Away Collection within the overarching NFL Sideline Collection will be on full display. SNICKERS® builds upon their existing NFL messaging with a uniquely adapted segment series of “Most Satisfying” plays that will culminate with a Madden NFL Championship Series “Moment of the Year.”

The Madden NFL 19 Championship Series features an exponential rise in live event qualification spots spearheaded by the 500-plus entry Madden NFL 19 Classic format that kicked off competition in December 2018 with an extended season running through late spring 2019. The showpiece Super Bowl LIII-timed Madden NFL 19 Club Championship contains the largest individual tournament prize-pool, $700,000, in Madden NFL’s 30-year history when it kicks off January 30 – February 2.

All are competing for valuable Madden NFL 19 Championship Series points as the top performers will qualify for the Madden NFL 19 Bowl occurring live from the 2019 NFL Draft. This ecosystem allows anyone to go from couch to champion ensuring competition is accessible to the masses. Those players and spectators will consistently engage with Bose, New Era Cap and SNICKERS® throughout the season.

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