EA Sports PGA Tour Review – PC

EA Sports PGA Tour marks a solid return for the franchise, offering satisfying and realistic gameplay that caters to golf enthusiasts. The career mode stands out as the most engaging option, and the game boasts impressive graphics and detailed player models. However, it falls short in certain areas, such as the lack of a free practice mode, limited character customization options, and a somewhat repetitive audio experience. Despite these shortcomings, EA Sports PGA Tour remains an enjoyable golf simulation that will keep players coming back for more rounds on the green.
  • Satisfying gameplay that encourages realism and simulation, appealing to fans of the sport.
  • Detailed and accurate representation of 11 real-life players, accompanied by impressive visuals and animations.
  • Pure Strike gameplay offering over 20 different shot types, providing depth and authenticity.
  • A well-rounded career mode, incorporating prestigious tournaments and a progression system.
  • Custom character development with cosmetic and skill upgrades.
  • Extra camera angles options during strokes, enhancing the playing experience.
  • A variety of modes available at launch, including online and offline options.
  • Absence of a free practice mode or driving range, which is disappointing for a golf game.
  • No windowed full-screen display option, which might be a dealbreaker for some players.
  • Limited character customization options.
  • Some gameplay mechanics, like swing consistency, could be improved.
  • Modes outside of the career mode lack depth and longevity.
  • The career mode can feel repetitive and muddled after a few hours of play.
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7
Replayability - 7
Controls - 7.5

EA Sports PGA Tour: A Mixed Bag of Stunning Visuals, Unpolished Gameplay, and Missed Opportunities

After an eight-year hiatus, EA Sports returns to the golfing scene with EA Sports PGA Tour, a game that offers breathtaking visuals and a true-to-life golf experience. However, it is also marred by technical issues, unpolished gameplay elements, and some questionable omissions that hold it back from reaching its full potential.

Visuals and Presentation

EA Sports PGA Tour is undeniably the most beautiful golf game available now. With 30 painstakingly detailed courses, players can experience the closest approximation to teeing off at world-famous locations like Augusta, Pebble Beach, and St. Andrews. The authenticity in course simulation, like how balls roll differently on various fairways, is remarkable and adds to the immersion.

Character models are impressive, showing emotion when successfully navigating difficult shots or missing crucial putts. The hair animations are especially noteworthy, with individual strands blowing in the wind. However, the crowd remains underwhelming, resembling a collection of mannequins with limited animation.

Tutorial and Learning Curve

While the game doesn’t provide a dedicated tutorial, players can participate in segmented challenges that teach how to swing, adjust shots, choose the right clubs, and putt. Completing these challenges is highly recommended for newcomers as it helps them to understand the game mechanics and make the most of the 28 real-life courses and 2 fantasy courses available.

Gameplay Mechanics

On the gameplay front, EA Sports PGA Tour offers a satisfying and challenging experience. The swing mechanics demand precision and skill, and the game provides plenty of visual cues and tools to help players improve their game. The act of hitting the ball feels rewarding, with perfect shots requiring an excellent balance of timing and control.

The pre-shot stage is also essential, as players must consider factors like wind speed and pin height while selecting clubs and shot types. The game strikes a fine balance between simulation and accessibility, though a lack of a proper tutorial may leave newcomers struggling to find their footing.

However, it is puzzling to see the omission of a free practice mode or driving range in the game. This seems like a glaring oversight, as players looking to improve their skills may find it frustrating not to have a dedicated practice area.

Additionally, the lack of a windowed full-screen display option is another frustrating omission for players who value flexibility in display settings.

One positive aspect of the gameplay is the extra camera angles during the stroke, which adds variety to the visual presentation and enhances the overall experience.

Audio and Soundkit

In terms of audio, EA Sports PGA Tour delivers a somewhat mixed experience. The menu music features a diverse range of instrumental tracks spanning various genres and moods, from the expected grandiose tunes fitting for the sport to surprising shifts into country, hip-hop, or rock, reminiscent of 2K23’s soundtrack approach. The sound effects are generally well-done, with the crowd reacting suitably to every shot and respectfully quieting down as you take your swing. The commentary team offers a professional touch, providing interesting trivia and helpful tips for each hole. However, the audio experience falters when participating in full events, as repeating courses multiple times leads to hearing the same information with minimal variation.

Character Customization and Career Mode

The character customization options in EA Sports PGA Tour are disappointingly limited. With a shallow pool of options to choose from, players may struggle to create a unique golfer that truly represents their desired persona.

Despite this limitation, Career mode allows players to create their own golfer and progress from amateur tours to the PGA. However, the starting characters are significantly weaker than the pros available in Quick Play mode.

The RPG progression system offers long-term improvement opportunities, but it requires dedication and patience to see noticeable results. This mode takes a long-term view of character development, providing a sense of achievement when reaching milestones in the professional golfing world.

Overall Experience

EA Sports PGA Tour is a visually stunning and immersive golf game that suffers from technical issues, a lack of polish in certain areas, and some questionable omissions like the absence of a free practice mode and limited display options. While it may not be a hole-in-one, it’s a solid foundation upon which future iterations can build. For golf enthusiasts, this game offers an authentic experience that is worth considering, but they may want to wait for further updates and improvements before diving in.

EA Sports PGA Tour is enjoyable in its present state, but it certainly has room for improvement. Its stunning visuals, true-to-life golfing experience, and the inclusion of prestigious tournaments like The Masters make it a worthwhile addition to any golf enthusiast’s collection. However, the absence of a free practice mode, limited character customization options, and unpolished elements prevent it from reaching its full potential. As it stands, EA Sports PGA Tour is a mixed bag, providing enough enjoyment to warrant a try, but players may want to keep their expectations in check and hope for future updates and refinements to address these shortcomings.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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