Eagle Island Broadens Its Accessibility and Gameplay Features!

Without sacrificing core design mechanics, first time developer,Pixelnicks, and publisher, Screenwave Media, explore further accessibility options to reinforce retro-inspired gameplay challenges with Eagle Island’s upcoming patch. Today, the “Free-For-Owl” Feature Patch 1.08 will go live on Steam ahead of being prepared for Switch and GOG.

Critical review and community-driven feedback have been instrumental in the development of this patch with regards to Eagle Island‘s unique restrictions and calls for precision placement.

These additions bolster an already thorough list of high accessibility options for players with various visual or auditory disabilities or preferences, as well as allow players to leverage in-game features for a custom gameplay experience.

Eagle Island is dedicated to creating an experience for players to play how they want to play!” says developer Nick Gregory.

Players have praised the award-winning Eagle Island and its developer for going beyond the industry standard of simply adding an easy mode, subtitles, and configurable controls. Games for Change spotlights Eagle Island‘s “huge amount of accessibility features for ALL gamers in mind, so anyone can enjoy the game!”

Eagle Island

To further personalize the game experience, Pixelnicks plans on adding a host of features in the upcoming patch:

  • Add: New Lite difficulty setting
  • Add: Store unwanted perks in the backpack
  • Add: Lucky Chance on game over
  • Add: Select loadout from backpack on new run
  • Add: 360 degree aiming Gameplay Tweak
  • Add: Permanent runestones Gameplay Tweak
  • Adjustment: Enhanced throw angles when using the thumbstick
  • Adjustment: Revamped difficulty screen
  • Adjustment: Option to change difficulty on Game Over (story mode)
  • Adjustment: Option to change difficult on Win (story mode)
  • Adjustment: Quill can now run while up or down is being held
  • Adjustment: Fire Trail runestone replaced with Ember runestone
  • Adjustment: Volcanic Bomb runestone no longer sets the ground alight
  • Adjustment: Mushboom runestone explosions no longer hurt Quill
  • Adjustment: Can now launch Koji while in a ledge grab
  • Adjustment: Can now hit Burroph’s tail while it is retreating
  • Adjustment: New Game Plus button now has a description
  • Adjustment: Time locked doors in Fireside Forest and High Tide Trouble are more forgiving
  • Adjustment: Overworld map now shows secret levels and ancient coins
  • Adjustment: Increase amount of items given for Offering runestone
  • Adjustment: Iframes added after Blast Off and Stratosphere
  • Adjustment: Quill’s horizontal attack animation speed adjusted

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Players are invited to the Island of Yulu to explore 9 biomes in this challenging, rogue-lite indie platformer hybrid with Metroidvania elements. Whether playing “Casual” in procedurally assembled dungeons or “Core” speedruns in the Official Seed, Eagle Island supports visual, audio, and play-style personalization to offer a narrative-supported, inclusive experience for players who may, or may not, be interested in assistance.

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