Eden Rising: Supremacy Out Now On Steam Early Access – A Unique Blend of Open World, Tower Defense and Multiplayer Co-op

Eden Rising: Supremacy, the all new open world co-op game from Nvizzio Creations is now available on Steam early access for $14.99 USD or your regional equivalent. Set in a fantastical sci-fi setting, Eden Rising mixes tower defense, open world, third-person action and multiplayer to create a truly unique experience.​

“We are very proud of the start we have made with Eden Rising: Supremacy,” said Brent Elison, Lead Designer. “We’re in early access and already have over 30 hours of content for players to get their hands on — a massive world to explore, technologies to discover and craft and lots tower defense sieges.”

Eden Rising is set on the exotic alien world of Eden. Tribes of human explorers must work together to defend and restore the remnants of an ancient technologically advanced civilization. Players will team up with friends to do battle against hordes of hostile alien creatures in third-person action combat and tower defense gameplay.

In addition to defending the Crucibles that can be discovered across the surface of Eden, tribes must explore and gather resources across the huge crafted world. Resources are required to craft weapons, traps, and armor using the in-depth crafting system. Items can also be further upgraded and customized to suit the playstyle of the player with both ranged and melee focused items available.


Eden Rising

“Early access is just the beginning,” also said Brent Elison. “Over the next few months, we’ll continue to add new content, refine systems, improve gameplay, and polish the game.”

“We have an ambitious plan for where we would like to take Eden Rising that will expand the game world and offer many more hours of content, along with a few new surprises.”

Eden Rising: Supremacy is out now on Steam with 6 languages supported with more localization on the way.

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