Eight teams face each other in the Heavy Metal Machines Metal League 5 finals this Saturday

This Saturday (21) the eight finalists face each other for the total prize of US$ 5,000 in Metal League 5, the online eSports championship of Heavy Metal Machines (HMM), the free-to-play car battle MOBA by Hoplon.

Made in partnership with world renowned eSports tournament organizer ESL Play, Metal League 5 has three European and five Brazilian teams competing for the total cash pool, divided as such:

  • 1st place: US$ 2,000
  • 2nd place: US$ 1,500
  • 3rd place: US$ 1,000
  • 4th place: US$ 500

The rampage will begin at 11am PDT on Heavy Metal Machines’ official channels on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

“Metal League 5 has been a thrilling experience both to watch and to organize,” says Hoplon’s Rodrigo Campos. “We want to invite players from all over the world to watch the finals, as well as practice for the new upcoming Metal League Season and gain cash prizes just for playing Heavy Metal Machines.”

Metal League 5 began on August 10th on the North American server, with a total of 26 teams from Europe, North America and South America. Among the 8 finalists are the European Metal League champions, Neon Knights, and the South American champions, Roadkill. MS. Assembly and Hati Blue, who got 2nd place in both competitions, are also in the Metal League 5 finals.

If you want to get ready for the next Metal League, practice alone or with friends and get your engines and weapons ready for another open competitive championship with cash prizes. If you are looking for teammates, get in the official Heavy Metal Machines Discord channel (http://bit.ly/2Q067ai) as the Community Managers are always welcome to help. Players of all levels can participate in the championship and there are no entry fees.

From the Brazilian studio Hoplon, Heavy Metal Machines is a free-to-play adrenaline-fueled and rock’n’roll-inspired post-apocalyptic action MOBA. With more than a dozen playable characters, the game features dedicated servers in Europe, North America and South America, and is available for free on Steam.

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