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Elite Chess League announced today it is seeking pairs of gamers and chess enthusiasts to beta test their new PVP online Chess game, which focuses on chess missions.

“ECL is Chess, 30 years from now, TODAY!” 


ECL takes the thrill of speed chess and infuses it with in-game surprises, PowerUps and LifeSavers, bringing the oldest game in the world into the 21st century!  Be part of the revolution!

“We want players to engage in the game and provide feedback that will be used in the final development. We are focused on creating smooth game play, preventing cheating and adding special game modes“.

The beta version includes 3-5 minute games of blitz enhanced with missions.  Missions create the ultimate rush adding a quest for capturing specific pieces on the board. Players win by checkmate, their opponent running out of time or by missions. Players can use LifeSavers for reversing the last two moves, cutting opponent’s time in half or increasing their own time adding further surprise and unpredictability to the game.


The beta version is currently available through Facebook on PC or Mac and will be accessible through Android and Apple mobile and tablet apps in the next roll out.

To participate, ECL is looking for pairs of players to beta test playing against each other while online at the same time. Find a friend and click ECL Beta Test Play or go to Facebook and search for ECL Chess. The first time you play, you’ll receive 1,000 FREE eChips, plus some LifeSavers. Return every few hours to claim more FREE eChips. Because integrity is very important at ECL, there’s no play against the computer or bots like other sites or apps; at ECL you can only play against another human…so get your buddy and/or gaming rival and start playing now!

Elite Chess League’s next milestone will be to take the feedback received from beta testers and incorporate their comments into the next version. Plans for upcoming editions include a board flip surprise which forces players to switch sides!

Players will ultimately play fast 3-5 minute games that qualify them for live events with prizes and real money, played on all platforms including phones, tablets, Mac, PCs and smart TVs.

Over the next 12 months, ECL will continue to roll out features that support tournaments, live streams and eventually sponsorships. ECL’s aim is to become the world’s premiere eSports chess league.

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