Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Phase 2 Live Now – Patch Notes

Commanders now have access to multiple systems, starships, and new on-foot Conflict Zones.

The Alpha, accessible since 29 March, is available for Lifetime Expansion Pass owners and players who have pre-ordered the Odyssey Deluxe Alpha expansion pack. The second phase of the Alpha will roll out today at 2 pm BST.

This second stage of the Odyssey Alpha will expand the playable area to 20 light-years and grant players access to their own starships. Adventurous Commanders can also drop into perilous Conflict Zones by signing in with the Frontline Solutions mercenary company.

Alpha 2 Features:

  • Conflict Zones on foot are now accessible through the Frontline Solutions front desk.
  • Commanders will have free access to starships and will be immediately issued with a Cobra Mk III, including multi-crew seats.
  • Expanded playable area of the galaxy to approximately 20 light-years.
  • A new spacesuit is available for purchase: Manticore Dominator combat suit.
  • New starting system: Nervi.
  • 300,000 starting credits for new Commanders. (This amount will also be added to existing Alpha Commanders’ balances.)

*Areas of play and features during the Alpha are subject to change.

Patch Notes:

  • A new starting system and ship ownership should alleviate long travel times
  • Issue fixed where players reported getting stuck in front of Vendor
  • Added extra mission information, such as travel distance and pre-requisites, to further improve the player experience
  • Fixed a few issues where mission objectives would not clear, or would not be displayed/initiated
  • Fixed the issue where missions were not displaying the correct threat levels
  • Adjusted fire area of effect causing players to receive fire damage through walls and ceilings
  • Pressing escape after booking APEX will no longer leave players ‘stuck’ at the counter
  • Reboot/restore mission will now provide players with the Power Regulators if required
  • Suit and weapon upgrades fixed
  • The system map should now open at the correct speed
  • Fixed graphical issues experienced when entering and leaving ‘local map’ on foot
  • Players can now pay fines and bounties via starport services and the authority contact
  • Adjusted crime detection and consequences for all activities.

Known Issues:

  • Players will experience a crash when inviting others to ‘Teams’ whilst on foot – hotfix imminent
  • Whilst on foot, players unable to select a side in a Conflict Zone via their Comms panel – this is not an issue if players use Frontline Solutions, or select a side whilst still in their ship
  • In Conflict Zones, Victory credits shown are incorrect (too low)
  • When in ‘Teams’ and in a hangar, players may experience ‘invisible’ host ship
  • Player models may move through counters if sprinting when they interact with a vendor or terminal
  • Collection mission objective may only update for one person in the instance
  • When in the ‘Long distance planner’, selecting your ship and moving around the galaxy UI will soft-lock the player upon exiting
  • Unable to meet up: If you are having issues meeting up, return to the front end and try again
  • Oculus Rift HMD does not display the game
  • When a crime has been cleared, it is still shown in the authority contact at the social space terminal
  • ‘Complete Missions’ button may not work at station terminals
  • Players may find that selecting to transfer consumables from the ship’s inventory does not work
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