Elsword Launches Two New Dungeons in the Demon Realm

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today introduced two new dungeons, Labyrinth of Ruin and Guardian’s Forest.

After several attempts, the El Search Party finally finds a method to travel to the Demon Realm. What kind of creatures and trials will they encounter?

Nestled beneath the gaping chasm below the El Tower lies a seal that seethes with demonic energy. As Denif opens the seal, the El Search Party squeezes through, only to find that they’re in Henir’s Realm; the Labyrinth of Ruin. To find the Demon Realm, to end this eternal struggle once and for all, they must traverse Henir’s Realm, and seek the Forest beyond the blue light, and all that lurk in the mists beyond sanity. What lies beyond the blue light? The time is NOW!


The Demon Realm introduces a new stat, Adaptability; as the El Search Party adapts to the Demon Realm, they will regain their stats but will also receive a debuff as they’ve traveled too far from the protection of El.

Players can now use the new Mystic Enchant System to make end game gears stronger. Use mystic enchant on select weapons for 200,000 ED and become even more powerful!

The Demon World Event begins today and lasts until July 24 at 11:59 PM PDT. Clearing the Labyrinth of Ruin and Guardian’s Forest once daily will earn players rewards, such as a Leviathan Fragment and Forginay’s Leaf, which can be exchanged for other items.

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