Elsword’s Noah Arrives Bringing the Power of the Moon and Darkness!

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, has just released its newest character Noah and it’s First Path – Liberator. To celebrate Noah’s release, Elsword will be holding multiple events to shower players with rewards starting on his release date of January 13th 2021 to January 26th 2021.

Noah was born over 500 years ago, into the prominent Ebalon family which produced notable members such as Harque Ebalon, Noah’s brother, and one of the legendary El Masters. However, Noah’s brother was brutally murdered and Noah, himself was sealed into a temple for unknown reasons. As he awakens, he suffers from survivor’s guilt and realizes there’s only one path he can follow. Revenge.

Noah wields a sickle as his main weapon, and can harness both the power of the Moon and Darkness in battle. This allows him to utilize a battle style involving light and stealthy movement to exploit enemies’ weaknesses and cut them down in seconds.

Simply logging into Elsword and playing Noah will grant you rewards in the “Boy Who Walks on Moonlight” Event granting an exclusive “Noah Diorama Light” and “Harque Ebalon Voice Speaker” for your character. These provide tailor-made exclusive accessories to add to your Noah’s Wardrobe to ensure you look the part of a Revenger.

Get a Bonus while logging in during Saturdays for the “Noah Weekend Support Event” (January 16th 2021 and January 23rd 2021) and earn rewards such as [Cobo] Noah Special Support Cube, multiple valuable Event Recovery Potions to streamline your Noah’s adventures.

Furthermore, as you play Noah, you’ll complete Quests in the “Noah 1st Path Update Event” allowing you to acquire highly coveted items like Inventory Expansion Cubes, EXP Boost Medals and another Event exclusive accessory to set up your Noah and prepare for your upcoming adventures.

Finally, join in the “Invitation to the Moonlight Gala” event, a unique event where players jump into a board game as player tokens and complete daily quests to move up the board. As you progress through the game, acquire rewards such as all sorts of Potion Consumables, Dungeon Entry Tickets, a Hedgehog Adventure Costume Suit for any of your characters and more!

With all these events and a brand new character, it’s the best chance to try out the newest character, Noah, to gain rewards that you wouldn’t be able to gain at any other time. Log in and create your Noah Character as we continue to reveal the other Job Paths for our newest character! These Events will run from January 13th 2021 to January 26th 2021 so do not miss out.

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