Embark On A Remarkable Journey In Turn-Based PC-RPG ‘Clouds Of Rain’

Indie game developer GraphicLine Games is proud to announce the Fall of 2020 as the official release of their ambitious turn-based PC-RPG Clouds Of Rain: The Storm Is Rising, the first remarkable journey in the skies of a forgotten world where a decadent civilization threatens to consume every resource available. Dangerous quests await you and your party with plenty of combat and exploration. Live the story of each character on their adventure to save the Leviathans and your people.

Clouds Of Rain offers a vast world to explore featuring Leviathans, impressive creatures that roam the skies, once considered gods, but now hunted for their spinal fluid; The Sky Watchers must fight for their salvation, but time is running out. You must intervene and make things right. Inspired by classics such as Final Fantasy®, Octopath Traveler®, and Bravely Default®, Clouds Of Rain is a deep single-player RPG with in-depth lore and emphasis on resource management and combat. Travel across regions and adventure to large cities and small unknown townships, uncover secrets, and discover items, equipment, and magical potions. Study and learn the strength and weaknesses of your enemies and equip yourself for battle.

Clouds Of Rain offers a tactical gameplay experience focusing on combat requiring the perfect balance and preparation of items and weapons. You can also opt for the story mode, in which battles are less intense with more lore to enjoy and less action. Casual and less experienced players will gradually learn to master the game and embark on more dangerous adventures.  Depending on your preference, a gameplay session can easily last between 10-20 hours’ worth of compelling fun.

Clouds Of Rain allows you to navigate the skies using agile airships, but watch out for enemies and obstacles as damage to your vessel can be devastating. You can dock on unexplored islands and discover new regions to visit, seeking loot, magical items, and useful inventory.

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  1. A very promising RPG.


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