Endless Legend is free to play through March 30th

With everyone working from home, games have been a great way for the Amplitude team to stay social and connected. So, we understand why lots of our players have reached out to us wanting to play our upcoming historical strategy title Humankind — and as much as we wish it was ready for you guys, it’s still a bit too early.

Instead, we’ve decided to go with the next best thing and make our previous terrain-based strategy title Endless Legend free this week as part of a franchise-wide Steam sale event.


Endless Legend takes place on the mystical world of Auriga, a slowly dying planet in the grip of increasingly cold winters. Various factions struggle for dominance, growing food, building industry, advancing science and magic, and collecting wealth. Dive in and:

  • Explore fantastic lands – Lead one of 8 or more civilizations, each with a unique gameplay style and storyline, while completing quests and exploring an endlessly repayable randomly generated world.
  • Expand beyond the unknown – Conquer, build, and develop villages into powerful fortresses and cities. Assimilate minor factions and hire and train heroes to become leaders and governors.
  • Exploit opportunities – Collect luxury and strategy resources while advancing civilization through the research of new technologies and by mastering diplomacy.
  • Exterminate enemies – Experience an innovative, dynamic simultaneous turn-based battle system. Use unit equipment, abilities and terrain to overcome opponents. Create custom civilizations and confront those created by your friends.

Of course, Endless Legend and Humankind are very different titles, but Endless Legend is a beautiful game and one that we’re very proud of. For those who want to get a feel of what Amplitude games are like, we think it’s the perfect chance.


The Guardians expansion pack unleashes ancient, giant Guardians on the planet of Auriga. Grab it for free via the Games2Gether rewards page before the end of this week.


Finally, all the Endless games and their expansions are on sale up to 75% off from now through March 30th at 10AM PST.

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