‘Enemy on Board’, to Launch Kickstarter Campaign October 22

Windwalk Games has announced its upcoming Kickstarter campaign for its highly-anticipated debut social deception title Enemy on Board. The campaign will launch on Tuesday, October 22.

Enemy on Board is a multiplayer game for PC that combines hidden-role gameplay with fast-paced action combat. Each round, 6 players wake up on a spaceship and 2 are randomly selected to be Aliens. Players must fight, lie and sleuth to survive. Last team standing wins.

Colin Feo, a former Riot Games game designer, and CEO of Windwalk Games noted that the Company is turning to Kickstarter due to the strength of its backer community. He notes, “Kickstarter historically has been a great place to find those awesome, ride or die community members who can help us make Enemy on Board great.” Enemy on Board has succeeded early by building a significant community organically and listening for feedback. He stated, “We read every message in our Discord and regularly integrate our community’s feedback into the game.”

Additionally, the Kickstarter funding will allow Enemy on Board to be developed independently. Windwalk plans to update the game’s environmental art, sound design and improve the UI.

A list of features available today include: 

  • Global, multi-region support with servers for North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia
  • Competitive Rankings with online multiplayer and real-time combat
  • Deeply strategic gameplay where hidden roles and deception abound
  • Round-based gameplay with short, 6-8 minute matches
  • Integrated voice-chat to communicate with fellow crew members or be a master of deception
  • Growing content library, with:
    • 3 Aliens each with different styles of deception
    • 21 Items, 8 starting items, 13 ground items
    • 7 Characters, 21 Skins
    • Initial crew of the Andromeda with skins to unlock
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