England Will Win the World Come Tomorrow, as Predicted by Rugby Champions

England are going to win the world cup of Rugby! Don’t believe us; believe Rugby Champions, from Alternative Software. The game has predicted England will win, confirming the beliefs of millions fans around the world (or in England, specifically).

Rugby Champions brings the thrill and physicality of rugby right to the players fingertips. Players can pick their team and fight for every meter of ground in the most intense rugby video game ever and guide a team to glory and make history to become the Rugby Champions.

Watch a prediction of the England v South Africa World Cup Final here:

In Rugby Champions, players can:

  • Play five different difficulty modes, ranging from arcade-style gameplay to a true simulation experience
  • Experience unique gameplay, where no two games are the same. Including half lengths ranging from seven to 40 minutes, full match replays, detailed statistics for matches, player and competition leaders
  • Have the ability to customise players and jerseys
  • Manage an inbox that will keep them informed about any player injuries, which of their players are performing well using data from previous matches, and also the key opposition’s players to watch out for in upcoming matches

Roger Hulley, Managing Director at Alternative Software Ltd stated “we so excited for England to be playing in the World Cup Final tomorrow and the launch of Rugby Champions couldn’t be more perfect. Rugby sims are something that we are well practised with, having released various Rugby Union and League titles. Rugby Champions has only been out on Steam for just 3 weeks and the customer reviews have been fantastic. It has taken the development team several years to fine tune the gameplay, but the end result allows the game to replicate real life, on the pitch, decisions. We couldn’t be happier with the final product.”

Rugby Champions is now available at an SRP of £12.99 on Steam.

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