Enhance Theorem 2 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

We first discovered Accessory Power at CES 2020 which is the mother brand to Go Groove, USA Gear, ReVIVE Series, and Enhance Gaming. Today we take a look at the 19 button Theorem 2 MMO Gaming Mouse priced at $39.99. You will find Razer and Corsair price their MMO mice Naga and the Scimitar Pro starting around $79 but can go up as high as $129. Quality in the $39 range will lead you to products like the Logitech G600 or Redragon M908. How will the Theorem 2 stack up to the competition?

ENHANCE Theorem 2 Mouse Software Walkthrough

The design of the mouse is quality, right off the bat you will notice it has extra finger room on your left and right-click. A small thin programmable button next to your left click comes preset as double click by the factory which is such a great use of this button. DPI buttons on the top along with a smooth mouse wheel which has a pretty deep click compared to other mouses. We did find one major flaw in the design which should not affect everyone but the first 3 buttons on the side are too small for my hands (Forward, backward, and number 1). Overall, the design of the mouse is great, we love the size and button features it offers MMO gamers.

ENHANCE Theorem 2 Mouse Software Walkthroug121h

We did run into some minor issues getting the software downloaded from the website. They do however offer a chat support system, so we were able to get in contact with someone and resolve it quickly. Its custom Theorem Software Suite was easy to use and you can get very technical with the button assignments like Windows or Office features all the way up to custom macros. It was disappointing to find out the mouse wheel click and DPI buttons are not programmable, I use these buttons a lot in MMOs especially the mouse wheel click to target self. Advanced settings include mouse speed, sensitivity, polling rate, double click speed, scroll speed, and DPI settings. Lighting options are pretty basic which include an RGB color wheel, preset colors, brightness, and breathing speed options. Unfortunately, you can not customize the LED lights next to the DPI buttons they do change color however but are tied to the DPI settings, light blue being the fastest and red being the slowest.

ENHANCE Theorem 2 Mouse Software Walkthrough21

All Enhance Gaming products are backed by a 3-year warranty which if you game hard daily is about the average lifespan of a mouse. My last 2 MMO Gaming Mice the Corsair Scimitar Pro and Razer Naga started seeing DPI button and mouse wheel issues mid-second year. I work and play with my mouse, so it gets double the abuse I saw some left-click issues into the second year with the Scimitar Pro. Judging by its weight, look and feel I believe the Theorem 2 is built with the same quality as its $79 competitors. Razer and Corsair however only offer 2-year warranties on their gaming mice. Realistically if you warranty the Theorem 2 around the 3-year mark you can possibly extend your mouse life to 6 years as opposed to 4 with other companies. I think it really comes down to which product feels better in your hands and in your pocket $$$.

ENHANCE Theorem 2 Mouse Software Walkthrougha

12 million DPI at this price point feels really good, normally $79 plus Gaming Mice are usually 19 million or more DPI. I tested them both side by side I really didn’t notice much of a difference in smoothness I think at this point we are talking about microns of a difference. MMO gaming unlike FPS, of course, requires less of an accurate pointer making 12 million sound like a more than sufficient number of DPI. Its adjustable weight tuning feature is where you see the largest difference in pad performance. You can pull the bottom off the mouse and remove or add up to 8 weights. This is where we felt the most difference when testing for pad smoothness. It just feels so light in your hands with all the weight removed making it FPS worthy.

I think it’s a great buy at the $39 price point, if you play MMOs its worth a hard look.

Mouse Specifications
DPI 500-1000-1500-2000-3000-4000
Sensor Optical
Buttons 19
Lighting RGB
Weight 6.7 oz (w/o weights) 190 grams (w/o weights)
Weight Tuning YES
System Compatibility Windows 7 or later
Connection Golden USB
Battery Run Time N/A
Charging Time N/A
Included Accessories N/A
Cable Length 70 inches 1778mm
Dimensions 5.12 x 3.39 x 1.93 inches 130 x 86 x 49 mm
The Theorem 2 MMO Gaming Mouse is a solid buy at $39. It has all your MMO button customization and is built with quality materials backed by a 3-year warranty. It does not have as robust of RBG customization features as some of the higher-priced mice, but it still looks great on your desk. The first few side buttons are a bit too small for some people so make sure you try it before you buy it. 19 buttons to work with, complimented by the easy to use Theorem 2 Software Suite. Adjustable weight tuning lets you physically manage the overall weight and balance of your mouse giving it an extra dimension of customization. Advanced settings include mouse speed, sensitivity, polling rate, double click speed, scroll speed, and DPI settings. If your playing MMO’s like World of Warcraft or survival games this mouse is worth a hard look.
  • Good customer support
  • Well designed
  • High quality materials
  • Price to sell
  • Enough buttons to support any MMO
  • Adjustable Weight tuning
  • Side button size to small
  • Limited LED customization
  • Subpar software suite
  • Mouse wheel click not programmable
  • DPI buttons not programmable
  • Issues with website bugs
Quality - 9
Performance - 8
Customization - 5
Design - 7
Software - 6
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