EKSA Air Joy Pro 7.1 Review

EKSA s new Air Joy 7.1 Ultralight gaming headset is marketed to be portable with quality sound good enough for desktop gaming. It weighs only 162 grams boasting maximum head comfort and extended gaming hours. It has all your big-time gaming features like 7.1 surround sound, noise cancellation, versatile compatibility, convenient audio control, and a gamer style sleek look. How does it stack up to the other wired headsets at $39.99?

I personally look at these as something I would carry around for travel or daily lifestyle use as opposed to my main desktop gaming headset. It works on almost every device PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, smartphone, and tablet. It does not however come with a USB-C to USB-C so if your mobile device does not have a 3.5mm connector you will not be able to use it. It comes with 2 long cables please not this headset is not wireless. Cable 1 is USB to USB-C cable 2 is USB-C to 3.5mm. It also comes with a 3.5mm adapter that splits your audio and microphone sound in case you don’t have an extra USB available.

Its sleek all-black design with a red claw scratch type graphic on the headphones gives it a stylish gaming headset type of vibe. It is by far the lightest headset I have had a chance to review weighing in at only 165 grams. Soft breathable woven mesh ear cushions give you a top-notch comfort level. Audio controls are standard you have the volume and mute switch available on the left ear speaker. EKSA really dropped the ball on the microphone. I received some negative feedback about the mic quality when I logged into Discord for the first time to game with friends. It features a detachable boom mic designed to fit your face with a metal bendable tubing. We had issues with the mic staying close enough to my mouth, I would get constant complaints about not being able to be heard and would need to adjust the boom constantly. Noise cancelation is not as high quality as some but its solid.

I really enjoyed EKSA’s sound software, it was extremely easy to use. You can get really into adjusting your surround sound to your liking. You can also tweak the mic settings to get it to sound a little better. After adjusting your settings, it really brings out the best in the sound quality of your headset. For a small piece like this, it really delivers some great quality sound! It will get the job done in your Battle Royals but will also give you a great movie experience with its 7.1 immersive surround sound. Please also note that the 7.1 surround only works on Windows PC via USB cable. Personally, I would not use these as a standalone desktop headset but overall, its sound is solid for the price point.

If these were wireless the Air Joy 7.1’s would be fire! Yes, you would have to pay a bit more, but they would then be the ultimate travel headset. You would get so much more lifestyle use out of them; I could see myself having these around my neck almost anywhere I would go. It also comes with a stylish all-black sports-type mesh carrying case that will give you some extra “Drip” when your out and about in public.

EKSA’s new Air Joy 7.1 is a compact portable ultralight stylish gaming headset that works on almost any device priced at $39.99. It can deliver a great immersive surround sound quality when connected to USB. It is extremely comfortable weighing only 162 grams featuring soft woven mesh ear cushions. It has a detachable boom mic which does lack sound quality and will sometimes fall away from your mouth. A great headset for daily lifestyle uses and or any type of travel situation.
  • Top-notch comfortable
  • Works on almost any device
  • Very stylish gamer headset type vibe
  • Compact and portable
  • Excellent price point
  • No USB-C to USB-C included
  • Poor microphone quality
  • Poor microphone boom design
Design - 5
Quality - 7
Performance - 4
Audio - 8
Price - 8
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