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Anyone with a sports betting account knows how to place a bet on their favourite sport. It doesn’t matter what type of betting you make to see what team wins the International Trophy or make if your CS: GO game wins the Intel Extreme Masters. This will give you a quick guide to some common eSports bet types you may find at the best bet sites. While there are some of them listed here, this will not be exhaustive and may help you make some decent profits by betting on eSports.

A Gamers Guide to eSports Betting eSports betting

In recent years, eSport betting has grown rapidly, just like eSports have. With new technologies, streaming sports have become one of the most-watched sports and has improved internet connectivity and internet speeds around the world. Sports betting companies recognized this trend and understood eSport fans would love to place bets for eSport matches. There have also been several start-ups before 2010 that were not so popular with investors. But 2010, was an unusual event.

Types of eSports Bets

The types of sports betting you can place varies according to the competition you choose. On some games such as “CS: GO” you can wager the number of killed or flags. In Dota 2 first blood was among the most common bets. The way to transfer a lot of knowledge to eSports is much simpler, since they’ll look exactly the same in an actual game — result, score for the two teams.

Betting on eSports Players and Teams

If you want to invest in eSports betting then you must understand the best teams for your interest game. Studying eSports players and team records can easily be achieved through websites like Twitch, which enable you to follow them in action. These websites also tell you how much time they spend practicing and give you an indication of what kind of practice it requires before an event is scheduled. The team is closely monitored. In similar ways to football, certain eSports players from games such as DOTA 2 rotate their team.

Tell me the difference between eSports betting and sports betting?

eSports bets refer to bets on gaming based on professional sports. Initially created as a niche betting niche the business has quickly grown and is now conforming to UKGC regulations in sports betting. In the past few years this product has been incorporated into the online sportsbooks by many of the largest betting companies based in the United Kingdom, The Gambling Authority and William Hill. There are also many eSports exclusive betting platform sites to choose from.

How does an eSports Betting Site Work?

We have also discussed how to book eSports games in the UK and now have to see how it functions. Unlike many other sportsbooks where you can make general betting, beginners will find the betting process not too complex. Both pre-match and play bets can be made in fractions or decimal form. When you choose the bet, you have the ability to sort through sports, events or leagues like the majority of other sports. Just click on your bet and it will automatically appear on your bet sheet.

Total / Over / Under Types of eSports Bets

The Over / Over type of wagers is a simpler type of betting which does not depend on the outcome of the match but rather on an element. In other words, the game component is given a value and then invites bettors to wager “Over” or “Under” this value. Further it could associate the occurrence to individual rounds, maps or game NPCs. The total bet also requires a deep understanding of game and player history in order to make an accurate decision.

Most Kills Bet

This complex type of gaming wager requires first and foremost an extensive understanding in game mechanics. These kinds of sports bet usually refers to MOBA titles and in their case the team who wins matches does not necessarily score the highest percentage of kills. In Leagues or Dota 2 teams could win even with a lower score. Therefore, it is not necessary to be an expert gambler but it helps considerably to know the hero’s style of gameplay and teamwork.

The most important aspects to consider when choosing an eSports betting site?

It is important that the website that offers a betting service be a good one. Firstly, a good bookmaker offering eSports bets can be an ideal place to start. We’re going to explain both choices and help you determine if it is worth it. There are also different betting eSports websites that are different by product. So, they have different game types and markets. The odds and prices are different.

What kind of bonuses and promotions are available?

The bonuses are different for players from all over the world. We have optimized our review pages for players in your region. It is also vital that you understand the terms of this offer and ensure that the expectations meet that offer. Often a bonus offer includes both time limits as well as the wagers required. So, you have to wager the bonus amount several times to withdraw. The process must take place on time.

How good are their eSports odds?

The best betting websites offer a wide choice of betting options and the margin of return they provide. Typically, betting websites pay around 8 to 3 percent for betting. These fees may be hidden by an unaware gambler however they must be regarded. If a person places a great number of bets there’s a better chance that he or she can have low margins instead of a juicy bonus.

How is their eSports product, which games and matches can I bet on?

For the best eSport betting experience you need to have an accurate bookmaker that can meet your needs. You need to have the right information about which markets or games to bet on. There are several bet site variations. There are several bookmakers which offer different markets, including special bets such as Who Wins First and Who Draws First Blood.

Is my money safe with the eSports bookmaker?

You should trust the betting websites and you have confidence in them. Our review process is partly determined by security metrics that are measured by the company’s reputation, how long the company has been active, and number of complaints made to various online complaint services.


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