Esports Brand Partnership Consultant Announces Launch of New Brand

John Davidson, an esports brand partnership consulting guru, is excited to announce the recent launch of his new brand, the Davidson Learning Company (DLC). Davidson’s career portfolio includes skateboarding, gaming, marketing, production and business development. His diverse experience has sculpted his unique approach and deep understanding of consumer behavior.

Davidson’s extensive resume includes his role as former Head of Partnerships at GameStop, Director of Esports for Production Resource Group and Chairman of the Esports Trade Association, a non-profit organization set up to unify, serve and ethically advance the business interests and sustainability of the esports industry. He is also a sitting member on advisory boards for Stadia Ventures, Dallas Influencers in Sports and Entertainment (DISE), The Uptown Agency and University of North Texas Sport Entertainment Management MBA.

DLC is based on three integral pillars: Consulting and Public Speaking, to help brands and agencies effectively engage in the esports and action sports communities and the DLC Drop Podcast, which shares the untold stories behind the journeys of industry leaders.

“As a speaker, marketer and business strategist, I work with brands and agencies to help you understand the needs and culture of esports and action sports communities, how to engage and add meaningful value to these subcultures,” explains Davidson.

The content pillar of the company utilizes interviews, brand collaborations and podcasts to provide unique insights and entertaining content to help people better understand how to connect with core subcultures. Esports subcultures can represent huge opportunities for marketers to significantly impact a population that is difficult to engage and underserved by companies operating in the mainstream market. As each of these subcultures grows in size and buying power, they become a distinct market for companies to pursue.

As a TEDx and active speaker on esports and youth marketing, Davidson is recognized in the industry for his entertaining speaking style and ability to take complex insights and make them easy to understand. His broad experience, deep understanding of communities and trusted industry relationships contribute to his successes guiding brands and agencies to the right solutions and driving results for brand marketing, business development, event production and strategic partnerships.

“As a lifelong skateboarder, gamer and brand ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to experience core subcultures in a variety of unique ways,” says Davidson. “The term DLC comes from my passion to add value to communities by enhancing experiences through meaningful brand partnerships. I look forward to helping brands and agencies understand how to effectively engage the esports and action sports communities by adding meaningful value through experiences, content and collaborations.”

Those interested in additional information about John Davidson’s esports brand partnership experience should visit the official company website at

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