EVE Fanfest 2022 Ushering in a New Era

Ushering in a New Era for EVE Online, Empowering Players to Shape the Future of New Eden’s Cornerstone Empires.

CCP Games reveals EVE Online’s content roadmap, consequential storytelling, enhancements to the new player experience, a new expansion set for Q4 2022, and Microsoft Excel integration.

CCP Games today shared a set of narrative-driven updates on the horizon for spacefaring MMO EVE Online during the 2022 EVE Fanfest Keynote. The introduction of arcs will evolve the Quadrants initiative into a multi-year journey, starting by bringing EVE’s four NPC Empires to the forefront with the addition of consequential story events. An expansion finale to the very first arc will be released in Q4 2022. CCP also continues to invest in future generations of Capsuleers with enhancements to its new player experience and is set to welcome more players to its iconic MMO with the introduction of a localized Spanish client in late 2022. In addition, CCP announced a partnership with Microsoft that will allow Capsuleers to export data from EVE Online directly into Excel.

Arcs will enable Capsuleers to build stronger ties with their home Empires through dynamic storylines and events, giving players more power to shape New Eden’s living universe. Players can expect improvements to Factional Warfare, infrastructure, and more as arc updates are released, adding further value to player roles and interactions in New Eden. CCP will release more information about EVE’s first narrative-driven arc in the coming months.

“EVE is getting ready to enter its third decade and the future has never been brighter,” Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director, said. “With arcs, we’re setting EVE up for the next chapter with a steady stream of narrative-driven content that emphasizes player actions and decisions. Veterans of the Triglavian Invasion may recall the fall of Pochven that altered trade routes and supply chains across New Eden – the narratives coming with arcs can have similar effects. The upcoming stories and events aren’t restricted to veterans, though – with more activities coming soon to the new player experience, all Capsuleers can enjoy EVE’s arcs, regardless of their skill level.”

As part of CCP’s ongoing efforts to enhance EVE Online’s new player experience, Capsuleers taking their first steps in New Eden can soon enroll in the AIR Career Program. The AIR Career Program is an initiative that helps players choose one of EVE’s four distinctive career paths: Explorer, Industrialist, Enforcer, or Soldier of Fortune and presents tailored recommendations from the endless possibilities of EVE Online.

Through the Microsoft partnership, EVE players can add a JavaScript API in Excel to seamlessly export data from EVE Online. Excel feature compatibility will help players access and calculate everything from profit margins to battle strategy, making day-to-day EVE operations easier to execute. The Microsoft integration is another step toward CCP’s goal of making the MMO more accessible for both casual and seasoned players. More information about the Microsoft partnership will be available later this year.

CCP is modernizing EVE Online for the next decade with these additional updates currently in development:
Audio and visual overhauls, including high-resolution nebulae, increased Levels of Detail (LOD) on all in-game models, and improved particle VFX.

Significant improvements to the user interface and explorations into a 3D HUD.

Addition of Structure SKINs, allowing players to customize their buildings in New Eden.

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