EVO Championship President Out – EVO Online 2020 canceled

The Evolution Championship has been one of the greatest events in all Esports for quite some time. The finest from the FGC gather every year in Las Vegas, Nevada on a massive scale to compete for the crown. Day 1 and 2 take place on the convention center floor at the Mandalay Bay where you will find pools of PS4 stations ready for a fight. You are up close and personal with the best fighters in the world while they battle their way to the grand finals. Championship Sunday takes you into the Mandalay Bay arena where the stage is set to maximum production as fighters compete for the grand prize. Will we ever get this back?

Coronavirus has forced EVO to cancel and go online for 2020 leaving some of its most coveted titles in the dust. 2020 has been a ride and a half, and now recently a massive online movement called #Metoo has given victims of sexual assault the strength to speak out amongst many people higher up in the gaming industry. So many stories have been brought to light in recent weeks and now Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar the President of EVO has been placed on administrative leave due to sexual misconduct allegations. Here is EVO’s initial statement about the allegations.

Initially, a story emerged from the Twitter account PyronIkari accusing Cuellar of frequently paying underage boys to perform acts in the nude for arcade tokens. In one instance Cuellar made a bet with PyronIkari which ended up with him measuring his penis in front of him. He shared his story via Twitlonger.

2 years ago, a content creator named SuperArcade in a Twitch clip video told a story about a prominent member of the FGC asking Cuellar for E3 tickets, he then was asked to do 25 naked jumping jacks as payment.

It seems there was truth to the allegations as Cuellar took to twitter and apologized stating he never meant to hurt anyone. Anyone could imagine the negative feedback he received after this statement.

It was not long after this that the company decided EVO online 2020 would be canceled. Cuellar would be totally severed from the company and they would use the downtime to create a safer culture.

This situation seems to be more straight forward then Method’s sexual misconduct scandal. At this moment we have not heard of any other instances tied to Evo employees trying to cover up the incidents. I think in this situation it’s possible for EVO to clean house and get back on track for 2021 if he is completely severed from the company. The EVO experience is one of the greatest in all Esports hands down. What do you think will happen next for EVO?

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