Exiled From Your Throne ‘Windmill Kings’ On STEAM™ Challenges You to Reclaim Your Kingdom

Indie game developer Bigosaur is proud to announce January 30™ as the official release date of Windmill Kings, a fun and challenging strategy game challenging you to rally your troops and reclaim your kingdom from the evil black wizard who installed a clone in your place! Windmill Kings was released on the Nintendo Switch® in November 2019, and end of January celebrates the launch of the game on PC via STEAM™ 

Windmill Kings offers a compelling real-time strategy game suitable for players of all ages and experience levels; The game takes place in a wonderful setting with a cloud of disaster looming. Once upon a time, there was a king – you – but after a glitched teleport spell there was not only one, but two kings! You have been betrayed, and your task is to help reclaim your castle and kingdom.

Windmill Kings has a great list of cool features. You can play a single-player game in story-mode or partake in the two-player versus mode that really excels and shines! Construct buildings, explore the kingdom and obtain powerful magic spells from wizards. Windmills that you control are the foundation for precious gold required to succeed, and balanced combat mechanics allow for different tactics. Support and upgrade your forces and wipe out your friends, family, and relatives in tailored multiplayer battles from skirmish to all-out war!


  • Real-Time, Fast-Paced Strategy
  • Meet & Recruit Allies
  • Construct Buildings To Recruit Troops
  • 8 Unique Units, Each With special Abilities
  • Powerful Spells & Magic
  • Advanced, yet transparent AI
  • 3 Unique Difficulty Modes

And so much more!

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