experienceCloud By Rooom Provides Metaverse Virtual Experience at 2021 Augmented World Expo

rooom, the acknowledged leader in 3D virtual environments and solutions, today announced that its eventCloud platform has been chosen by Augmented World Expo, the world’s leading event for XR technologies, to provide a unique 24/7/365 3D environment for the benefit of virtual attendees and the worldwide XR community.

Accessible on any device and through standard Web browsers, eventCloud offers a 3D virtual environment where users will be able to view live streaming video of the keynote speakers, visit a virtual expo hall featuring the event’s major sponsors, and gather at a 3D stage where the 2021 Auggie Awards will be celebrated with a ceremony.

Moreover, rooom’s experienceCloud, which includes eventCloud and other powerful tools for 3D integration, has been selected as a finalist for an Auggie Award in the Best Enterprise Solution category. Learn more by visiting rooom at AWE, in booth 935. experienceCloud offers a fascinating journey of discovery through the manifold possibilities of 3D, AR, and VR marketing technology. experienceCloud is Web-based and available anytime without restrictions and is designed to cover the marketing and visualization needs of different industries through a comprehensive product portfolio. These include:

  • eventCloud: platform for virtual and hybrid events
  • spaceCloud: interactive 3D and VR spaces (e.g. for real estate or museums)
  • productCloud: 3D and AR product visualization (e.g. for online shops)
  • immerseCloud: Augmented Reality content and apps for tourism, culture, books/print, and digital learning

“We are beyond excited to be short-listed as a finalist for Best Enterprise Solution in XR at the world’s premier XR event,” said Andrew J. Nash, CEO, Americas for rooom. “The opportunity to share the rooom experience with the world’s finest XR developers, companies and media is truly a watershed moment for our company and we are extremely grateful to have this opportunity with AWE. We will be showcasing many different rooom 3D environments at our booth 935 and hope that we can wildly exceed attendee expectations of what is truly possible in XR withour the need for a headset and running on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.”

“I’m so excited about rooom’s offering that we decided to join forces for the upcoming AWE 2021,” said Augmented World Expo co-founder Ori Inbar. “rooom will be featuring a special experience for virtual attendees of the event – the typical virtual event is flat, and many attempts to make it 3D are either clunky or not accessible to a wide audience. The key highlights of the rooom experience for AWE include a welcome hall and access to the main stage with live streaming of the keynotes, a futuristic expo hall with the main sponsors, the AWE Playground hall with snippets of the AR and VR experiences and the Auggie Awards stage with a ceremony showcasing the finalists. I really can’t wait to see the reaction of our virtual attendees to this striking spectacle.”

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