Explore A Challenging Dreamworld To Uncover Its Secrets While Defeating “The Nightmare” On STEAM™ & Android™

Indie game developer C3B Games is excited to announce the worldwide release of DreamDasher, an exciting and challenging Precision Platform adventure inspired by modern platform games. Available today as a FREE download for PC and macOS via STEAM™ and for Android™ compatible devices via Google Play, DreamDasher offers a short, yet exciting single-player gameplay experience with unexpected surprises along the way and a mood inspiring soundtrack.

DreamDasher challenges you to explore and traverse a dreamworld full of obstacles in the search for life-saving crystals you will need to defeat the “nightmare”. To succeed you must learn to navigate the levels, master the controls and find the shortest path to progress. You can jump, air-dash, wall-slide and invert-gravity, and you can fly through the air and overcome obstacles as you control gravity. Dashing is key to your survival. As you play, you will quickly get introduced to “nightmare” – not just a state of mind, but a creature that chases you through the environment trying to stop you as you search for the next segment of the world.

DreamDasher is made more difficult with deadly spikes scattered across the world that you must avoid at all costs. Abilities are gained throughout your adventure and dashing is your attack when needed. Dash-attack is available when your character glows, and gravity change is available when vapors emit from you. Wall-sliding is fun, and you may adjust the speed as you go; the instantaneous nearby respawning will be helpful should you die, and to locate all the crystals you must seek out hidden passageways. You will encounter the “nightmare” creature several times during the course of the game and get ready for some unexpected action and unpleasant surprises when the world is turned upside down! How you defeat the “nightmare” and make it to the end is something you need to discover for yourself!

DreamDasher is not a long game (1-2 hours) but it is a fun and challenging game offering a cleverly designed world full of surprises. It is highly recommended to use a game controller when playing, but support for keyboard controls and touchscreen are provided.


  • 4 Difficulty Modes Plus Modifiers
  • Instantaneous Nearby Respawning
  • Auto-Save
  • Free for Play, No Ads & No In-App Purchases
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