Facebook Exclusive The Walking Dead: Last Mile Unveiled Today

Last month, Skybound Entertainment and Genvid Entertainment announced The Walking Dead: Last Mile (TWD:LM), a massively interactive live event (MILE) launching this summer as a Facebook exclusive. Part game, part interactive television show, TWD:LM is a completely authentic experience that will immerse participants around the globe in the universe of The Walking Dead in new and unparalleled ways – putting the all-new TWD:LM story and protagonists in the hands of the players as the saga unfolds minute-by-minute, day-by-day, week-by-week.

This month, the team reveals the first details and concept art for TWD:LM. TWD: LM is the next big milestone in The Walking Dead franchise, featuring an all-new setting, story, and characters from Skybound Entertainment. To interact, all players need is a browser that lets them access Facebook.

TWD: LM showcases the ability of audiences of any size to experience and influence a beloved virtual world and its inhabitants collectively in real-time while driving the storyline and canon in new, spontaneous directions. Unlike other ‘mass online gatherings,’ TWD: LM truly places all interactive spectators in the same virtual space, creating a new kind of global communal experience that combines the ubiquity of traditional broadcast television with the immersive, interactive engagement of video games. Genvid’s unique interactive live streaming technology and services at the heart of TWD: LM puts the audience in collective control of the show’s story and characters, to whatever degree of agency each viewer prefers.

Set on a remote Alaskan coast, the story arc is not set in stone. Players can influence the story, writing the new The Walking Dead canon that can’t be reloaded, rehashed, or rewritten to better suit the lives of its characters or the preferences of its players. As with anything in The Walking Dead, the stakes are life-or-death, and Facebook users will collectively help decide who lives and who dies.

If players miss TWD:LM content, they can keep up with the drama via a post-show that will air regularly. Engage with TWD:LM long enough and earn currency that can be used to bid on a variety of rewards, including a walk-on role in the cinematics of the series.

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