Factory Building Sim FOUNDRY Set for Steam Debut

Flip The Switch On Industrial Factory Sim, FOUNDRY. Officially debuting at October’s Next Fest, it’s time to build your dream factory

Following 5 years of development, MEDER Dynamics is excited to announce their factory building sim, FOUNDRY will have its Steam debut at the Next Fest October 3rd – 10th! Previously a hit on Itch.io, FOUNDRY allows players to unleash their creativity as builders and problem solvers in a procedurally generated voxel world. Play alone or with friends in the co-op multiplayer mode, available in the demo during Steam Next Fest.

Inspired by the likes of Factorio and Minecraft, FOUNDRY is a unique first person factory sim where players build, mine, research, and expand, in an infinite voxel-generated world. Landing in one of the many biomes, players start collecting various resources to build machines and craft items. The key to progression in FOUNDRY is automating everything, which begins by constructing machines like Smelters and Assemblers, that produce goods. Set up mining drones, conveyor belts, pipes, and more to accelerate progress and to scale up production!

In order for the factory to thrive, players will need to find creative ways to keep things moving smoothly. A stable power supply is needed to keep the machines running, so energy efficiency is a must. Careful logistical planning is key to ensuring everything is connected and operating at peak performance. One loose connection can cause a chain reaction of chaos! In the voxel world of FOUNDRY, everything can be broken down, from objects to terrain, so players can expand their factories anywhere they want. Build a factory surrounded by exotic trees or hidden deep in an underground cave.

FOUNDRY allows players to experience the game at the pace they like. Spend hours tinkering with parts and planning new expansions. FOUNDRY also has a multiplayer co-op mode that allows players to collaborate on a factory together, or just help out by lending a hand with research.

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