Fallout 4 – Nuka-World’s RedEye: Interview with Andrew W.K.

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If you’ve made your way through Fallout 4’s final DLC, Nuka-World, you might have noticed one particular character that, no matter what time of day, is ready to party. RedEye, the voice of Raider Radio, is voiced by the King of Partying himself, Andrew W.K.

We recently caught up with Andrew W.K. to discuss his thoughts on videogames in general, and his unique method for preparing for the role of RedEye. (Hint: It might involve partying.)

How did you get involved with Nuka-World?

One night, I had a dream that I had experienced an apocalyptic event and somehow survived. It was like a nightmare, only I was actually able to have some fun in this horrifying land, and even though my surroundings were pretty bleak and desolate, I was still partying. Less than a week after I had that vision, I was contacted by the Bethesda team and asked if I wanted to do a voice for the game. The craziest part was, before I was even told what game it was for, I had this strange premonition that it was part of the Fallout series.

I couldn’t believe it when that’s what it turned out to be. Not only because of my dream, but also because of the incredible legacy of the Fallout series. It’s one of the biggest and best games – everyone realizes that, even if you don’t know a lot about the videogame world. And to be asked to be part of the Fallout universe and legacy is an incredible privilege – a real dream opportunity! I’m really amazed I get to be a small part of it.

Without any inside knowledge, some Fallout fans guessed it was you. Is RedEye the perfect in-game representation of your personality?

It must be! I couldn’t believe how quickly I started seeing people ask if I was the voice of RedEye in Nuka-World! I mean, we had only finished my recording sessions a few weeks before – I didn’t even realize it was out yet – and within hours people were asking if RedEye was me. I hadn’t mentioned or hinted at my involvement at all! I even had to sign a confidentiality agreement. I didn’t tell a single person! I didn’t even tell myself! I guess I really must have been RedEye in a past life, or he must be me in a future life – somehow people heard my voice in this character, and that’s a real compliment. I never thought people would be able to tell it was me just by hearing it. That blows my mind – in a Nuka kind of way.

Have you had a chance to play Fallout 4 for yourself? Any favorite moments or Perks?

I’ve never owned a videogame system. I’m not proud of that at all. My parents wouldn’t let me have one when I was growing up – they were very strict about that. They wouldn’t even let me have games on our computer, and by the time I was out of my parent’s house and old enough to get a system for myself, I was so far behind the technology and skill, I just felt a little intimidated by the complexity of it all. The thing is, I’m constantly around people who are videogame masters. So I’ve watched people play all kinds of games, including parts of Fallout 4. And I love watching people who are great play games. It’s incredibly fun to hang out and watch people play who really understand what they’re doing.


I haven’t seen or heard myself in the game as RedEye yet. Part of me thinks I’ll totally freak out if I heard myself – sort of have a mind-melt regression back to that apocalyptic dream I first I had. I don’t know if I could handle it!

Anyway, I’m not proud of my lack of knowledge when it comes to videogames, but that’s why this RedEye experience meant so much to me – it was a way for me to participate in this incredibly creative and dynamic world without being an expert game player or designer. Videogames are just amazing. They incorporate everything in one place. They are paintings, animation, movie making, acting, music, writing, entertainment, strategy, virtual reality, fantasy – it just goes on and on. What an incredible art form to be part of! I’m deeply thankful.

Did you see the fan that accidentally created your likeness in Fallout 4?

Gosh, this is actually pretty uncanny! Although I think this computer version of me is much better looking than I actually am. This is what I would look like if I was made perfectly, by artists and scientists and the best surgeons. This gives me something to aspire to physically! Hey, maybe in a few more years we will all inhabit virtual reality via our avatar likenesses – like in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash– and then I can just live in a storage space and walk around in a digital world looking like this!

When I pictured RedEye, I kind of imagined myself being more filthy and ravaged than ever – like I would be after not sleeping for two months and drinking nothing but radioactive cola. That’s actually pretty close to how I actually felt during the voiceover recording sessions for the game. I was drinking super intense custom energy drinks and I hadn’t slept in days. I think it worked great as a method for getting into character – I was totally fried and sizzling!

Out in the “real world” what’s new with you?

My “real world” and “virtual world” and my Nuka-World and my dream world and my nightmare world and every other possible parallel reality are all dominated by one thing and one thing only: PARTYING. Nothing new, nothing old, nothing other than pure non-stop partying as hard as I possibly can, at all times, forever. I’m partying on a 50 state US tour this fall. And then after that I just keep on partying. And then when that’s done I just don’t stop partying. That’s it. That’s all I am. I’m not even human. I’m just partying.



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