Fan-Favorite Hero Wukong Enters PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME

Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, announced the return of fan-favorite hero Wukong to their free-to-play PC Action MOBA game PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME. Players can also access six newly added hero skins and several in-game features that improve the game’s dynamic battles.

Originally created for Epic Game’s Paragon, Wukong is a melee-based Warrior who wields the Staff of Mihu. The hero’s bright, playful personality shines through with an optimistic outlook on the world of PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME. He hails from the sacred tribe of Etanus and begins his journey to find The Ancient Huahn Text with soulmate, Feng Mao.

Wukong’s key skills include:

  • Two Birds, One Stone: The Staff of Mihu extends to damage opponents and utilizes different bonus effects, depending on the stance ‘Strike’ or ‘Nimble.’
  • Cloud: Grants Wukong a second jump while in the air.
  • Change Stance: Players can change stance to ‘Strike’ or ‘Nimble’ with bonus effects.
  • 100 Million Lights(Ultimate skill): Upon landing a Basic Attack, the skill creates a clone that attacks all targets within range. Clones deal a percentage of Wukong’s Physical Power as Physical Damage and disappear after a short time. However, clones cannot move or pursue targets.

Six skins are now available for Wukong, Muriel, Sparrow, Twinblast, Serath, and Dekker. Additionally, the new update provides several in-game improvements to create a more dynamic play experience, including Sprint mode speed, Portal(Gate)’s cooldown timing, T-on/Tower balance, and more.

PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME is a team-based TPS Action MOBA that anyone can play for free on PC. Players are engaged in 5v5 play while working with teammates to conquer the Prime battlefield. The game celebrates strategic actions and fast-paced battles by two teams aiming to eliminate the opponents’ territories. Players can choose from one of the many powerful heroes utilizing their unique skills – Warrior, Support, Ranger, Caster, Tank, and Assassin.

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