FanDuel NFL Wild Card Weekend Strategy Center

The NFL Playoffs have arrived, but fantasy football hasn’t gone anywhere!

Even if your favorite team didn’t make the playoffs, it’s pretty easy to get excited for some awesome matchups…especially when a trip to the Super Bowl is on the line. Usually, the worst part is the beginning of the postseason means the end of fantasy football.

Well, not anymore. FanDuel knows how important it is to keep playing, which is why we offer contests through the NFC and AFC Championship games. Just when you thought you’d have to wait until next year to enjoy fantasy football again, you still have three weeks left to play!

Consider it a late Christmas gift from us to you.

With that being said, navigating NFL playoff contests are much different than the regular season. So, strategy is more important than ever, which is why we’re here to help.

Our video team has been busy all week trying to find different strategies for this week’s slate. Check out the video below and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss something that will help give you an edge in a contest:

But wait — there’s more!

And it’s not like one of those weird informercials on HGTV. It’s actually stuff you’ll use to build a FanDuel NFL lineup! Check it out:

Tips to Play FanDuel NFL Playoff Contests With Only 4 Games

By David Gonos

Like I said above, playing in FanDuel contests with just eight teams to choose from is much different than what we’re used to. You must have a plan before building a lineup! David gives some pointers on what to focus on.

The Fantasy Football Fact Sheet

By Nathan Zegura

Since there are less games on the slate, Nathan goes into more detail when it comes to each of the four matchups we’ll be focusing on this weekend. Check out the stats and facts that could help bring you a victory.

Fantasy Football Starts, Sits and Opportunities to Target

By Eric Mack

Stacking players and taking advantage of another team’s weakness on the field gets magnified in the playoffs. Eric points out which opportunities should be on your radar before lineups lock Saturday afternoon.

(PODCAST) Five Things to Know: AFC Playoff Preview

By Tim McDonough

Who doesn’t have time to catch up on everything you need to know for the AFC playoff matchups this weekend? Well, Tim and Andy help you out by previewing them in about five minutes. Don’t worry, an NFC preview is on the way, according to my sources.

5 Players to Break Up With this Weekend

By Jessica Kleinschmidt

We almost always talk about players we like, but what about the ones we don’t like? In her latest edition of Fantasy Breakups, Jess talks about the 5 players she’s parting ways with.

NFL Matchups to Watch: The Wild Card Edition

By Brandon Marianne Lee

There are tons of juicy matchups we’re looking forward to watching unfold this weekend, but how can they impact your FanDuel lineup-building strategies? No need to worry, that’s why Brandon is here.

Who Wins on Wild Card Weekend And Who’s Headed Home?

By Michael Schottey

Are you doing one of those office pools where you need to choose a winner for each playoff game? Well, we’re here to help with that, too. More specifically, Michael has you covered by looking at each team’s case to move onto the Divisional Round before choosing a winner.

Building a FanDuel NFL Wild Card Weekend Lineup

By Joe Pisapia

Determining a player’s value relative to others gets even more important when the player pool shrinks. That’s why you should check out Joe’s lineup, which he constructed by using the Relative Position Value (RPV) principles from his best-selling Fantasy Black Book series.

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