Fantasy School RPG Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent Revealed Today

PQube is excited to announce Adventure Acadamia: The Fractured Continent will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam later this year!

The Continent of Pedra is in the midst of a serious crisis. The entire nation is slowly transforming into a labyrinthine dungeon with monsters roaming the lands. When Alex’s father – principal of their school, ‘Obsidian High’ – goes missing, it’s up to Alex and his party of academy friends to track him down!

Take command and forge your way forward in order to learn the truth of the fractured continent. Meet unique characters along your journey and take part in side quests to aid those that request your help!

Strategically guide your team to victory on a grid-based, real-time movement system. Pick up and reorder your party to protect the main character, Alex, as you traverse around the map. Your team dives into battle whenever they get close to an enemy – so make sure you’re constantly in formation!

Recruit up to 6 students for your party! Give them names, choose their gender, manage their equipment, and customize their stats to suit your play style!

There are 10 different races available: Human, Khaluz, Felpurr, Bahamoon, Gnome, Diabolos, Fairy, Celestia, Dwarf, and Elf!

Each stage features gargantuan boss monsters with varying abilities and attacks! You’ll have to guide your party properly… or face being wiped out completely!

Manage and customize weapons, armor, and accessory slots for each of your teammates. Save up enough gold by completing levels and taking weapons down to the laboratory for special, custom enhancements!

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