Farming Simulator League Season 4 Details

Competitive farming returns, as publisher and developer GIANTS Software prepares for the new season of Farming Simulator League (FSL): The fourth season of the popular Farming Simulator esports mode starts with the first online tournament on May 14th, 2022. A revised open beta is now live and GIANTS invites everyone to test the updated client.

New Client Increases Speed
The new Tournament Client increases the speed of various harvesters and the overall gameplay of the competition. Up to 40% more harvesting speed will ensure that the combatants have to be quick on their toes as soon as the harvest is ready to be processed into bales. While looking for a variety of power-ups to gain a strategic advantage, players will have to adapt to the optimized drop locations. Teamwork is still the key to success to coordinate harvesting, production, and delivery to achieve a higher score than the opposing team of three.

First FSL Tournament Scheduled For May 14th, 2022
GIANTS Software kicks off the fourth season of its esports activities with the first online tournament taking place the weekend of May 14th to May 15th, 2022. The FSL tournament will be live-streamed on the official GIANTS Software Twitch channel. More announcements regarding FSL Season 4, sponsors, and the prize pool follow shortly.

“We’re very excited for the return of the FSL and our refined competitive dynamics,” says Claas Eilermann, Event & Esports Manager at GIANTS Software. “We’re ready for a great season. Once again, we’re working with our dedicated players and partners to further develop the Farming Simulator League and gain even more traction in the world of esports.”

Free Esports Mode Available To Download
The free-to-download Tournament Client invites every Farming Simulator fan and esports enthusiast to register and compete. Based on Farming Simulator 19, the esports game mode requires teamwork to expertly harvest wheat, produce bales and quickly deliver them to a barn. A training mode for newcomers is included.

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