Fastest-Selling PC VR Game Arizona Sunshine Launches Free Content Update

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The ‘Freds’ have jumped the border in the free “Undead Valley” content update for the VR zombie shooter

Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive today launch a free content update for Arizona Sunshine, the fastest-selling PC VR game to date. Undead Valley puts a fresh spin on the VR zombie shooter’s survival mode gameplay and will be available from 9AM PT / 6PM CEST today via all major download portals including and Steam entirely free of charge for everyone who owns a copy of Arizona Sunshine.

Undead Valley
Originally debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last January, Undead Valley adds a free, all-new map to Horde mode – Arizona Sunshine‘s survival mode – that takes players to an old, zombie-infested transport warehouse-turned-underground casino close to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Not only the Nevada setting is new. Playing together cooperatively with up to 4 players or going at it solo, this time players will find the key to survival above all else is to keep moving and take full advantage of the map’s indoor and outdoor areas as well as the verticality it adds to Horde mode. Players will need to gradually expand their playground by retrieving keys to locked doors and blowing up obstacles in their way in search for more weapons, hidden ammo spots and tactical positions.

Lastly, this time the familiar waves of ‘Freds’ that have characterized Horde mode so far have made way for an intense, endless influx of zombies: the ultimate challenge for players who are looking to test their zombie survival skills in VR.

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