Father.io and Interceptor Review

Let’s rewind a bit back to one of our favorite pass times when we were young, laser tag. Out with a group of your friends or maybe even on a date the competitive juices begin to flow. Strap on the bulky breast plate pick up the full-size gun and make your way into the dark black lit arena. Guns up as you creep through the obstacles, strobe lights and neon artwork on the walls. A few cheesy sounds from the laser gun and your sent off back to the front of the line to do it all over again. Who calibrated this thing anyway?

20 years later we have come a long way! Alternate Reality? Yes, the world is your battlefield skip the map selection screen and fight it out at the mall, grocery store, beach, park, or any outdoor space! The Interceptor clamps right on to the front of your phone and boasts accuracy up to 150 feet away featuring its proprietary infrared projection technology. Its super small easy to bring with you anywhere you go and syncs up with your phone in an instant using Bluetooth technology.


I would compare the gameplay experience to Battlefield 4 tight gunplay and up to 4 classes to choose from each with different unique abilities ammo crate, med kit, EMP and claymore. Featuring a mini map using a Realtime GPS location system and a satellite map you can keep track of your team mates and even see nearby enemy’s. We had 2 only had 2 units available for our test run but we didn’t experience any lag or connection issues Father.io can play up to 16 vs 16 death matches or even a 32-player free for all. Tally up those kills, pad the meters, strategize with your teammates, die respawn and seek vengeance. Our matches at HQ were “off the handle” the competition was addicting, and we laughed for hours.



This Interceptor is priced at $39.99 which is fair but might cause a bit of a sticker shock for mobile game players used to making smaller purchases over a longer period. Selling the units in pairs and lowering the price to $60 would make it more appealing. This early in the release we were unable to participate in any large-scale battles, but we look forward to bringing the units to PAX South. We would like to extend an official deathmatch “call out” to our friends at Triple Point PR or anyone attending PAX South with Interceptor units!

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