Father of the Survival Horror Genre Announces 2Dark for Xbox One

By Frédérick Raynal, Founder at Gloomywood Studio

Hi, everyone! 2Dark is emerging from the shadows today, and I have good news. On behalf of the entire development team at Gloomywood Studio, I am delighted to finally be able to confirm that 2Dark will be released on Xbox One in 2016!

A little background: I’ve been a technical game artisan and video game designer for nearly 30 years now. Some of you may be familiar with my best-known work: Alone in the Dark and theLittle Big Adventure series. As a designer, I’ve never stopped wanting to create and innovate, and I’ve dabbled in pretty much everything: electronic games, mobile games, and more. With 2Dark, I wanted to go back to the roots of horror and adventure games; that’s why I teamed up with three of my very talented friends and fellow game design veterans to create Gloomywood Studio. And today, it gives me great pleasure to present the fruit of our labor. 2Dark is a very personal and – I hope – very unique and original project.

This is, to be perfectly honest, the most twisted game I’ve ever made… and the most twisted game I’ve ever played. In 2Dark, you take the role of Mr. Smith, an ex-cop who’s found himself adrift ever since having his children kidnapped, and losing his wife under some pretty horrible circumstances. While searching for your children, you learn by chance of a similar case that unfolded in a run-down suburb of the sleazy town of Gloomywood. You decide to go there, to dig up clues – and you aren’t disappointed with what you discover…

Your goal in 2Dark is to rescue as many children as possible from the claws of psychopathic serial-kidnappers, and the task – as you might imagine – is quite daunting. You have to hunt a slew of serial killers to their lairs, avoid their henchmen, and slip by their traps. You only have your trusty pistol with you on your adventure, so you must rely on your skills and wits if you are to succeed. And that’s not all: You then have to escape, accompanied by terrified and disobedient children. Over the course of the game, you will discover what has really been terrorizing the town of Gloomywood.

As you may have guessed, 2Dark is a challenging game that blends different styles to create a truly explosive experience. You’ve got infiltration, adventure, action, and rescuing children; all this in a 3D-pixel horror setting explored from a top-down perspective, like the twin-joystick shooters of the good old days.

Although many players will be hard-pressed to finish 2Dark, we want to make sure that the gameplay concepts are intuitive and seamless. We have worked very hard to ensure that playing with the Xbox One controller would be as naturally fluid as our players expect and deserve.

Thank you all for your support. We can’t wait to see you playing 2Dark on Xbox One. Keep your eyes on Xbox Wire for more information about 2Dark’s 2016 release!

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